Sakura haruno

Cosplayer: CherryHope

Variant: Wa Lolita

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

15th October 2010: waiting So just Finished styling the wig, i cut my previouse wig that i used for sakura ( the long one), i dont think id use it long again, it kept geting knotty and my over sakura wig came shipped with ones side kinked out and it wont go right, so i thought id just cut the long one as it was a pretty nice colour. I gave it a side frindge tho, i know sakura dosent have a frindge but i had to place the wig qwite far back on my head to get it to look right witch ended up with my forhead look big lol, but i think the frindge will add a little bit more style to my costume, seeing as tho im doing my own costume for her. As soon as i saw the dress online i realy wanted to used it for sakura, i thought it was simlar to her cloths, and seeing as tho its gona be halloween when i were it, im gona go for a bit of a gothic geisha feel to it some how. i cant wait for it to arrive, should be here eary next week along with the shoes, once i have the dress im gona go shopping for some kind of hair accesory, i want a big bow or flower or something, it would be cool if i could get hold of some traditional geisha looking item + i need some cool knee high socks in that creamy colour or tights. im looking forward to this costume now i hope the dress arrives ok.

808UnknownError avatar

808UnknownError - 20th October 2010
Absolutly Gorgous. Briliant idea, too. And I think the wig
looks good with the fringe, very cute. :3

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CherryHope - 20th October 2010
aww thank you very much

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Anonymous - 6th November 2010
really cute *A*