Li Xingke
Code Geass R2

Cosplayer: nanahara

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

26th September 2010: So far so good well lets see, it was thursday night I decided to do this cosplay, and I think within the past two days I've managed well progress wise I'd say ^^.
Still gotta do a little work on the white top, then I can go onto making the rest of it.

otakugirl avatar

otakugirl - 25th September 2010
awesome :)

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 25th September 2010
All that hair... ^_^
I've just come across him in Code Geass. I want to do Cornelia soon! (I have both her outfits planned). ;-)

I will get a photo if I find you.

Kitticus avatar

Kitticus - 7th October 2010