Team Fortress 2

Cosplayer: TurboJ

Variant: BLU

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

29th January 2011: The Engineer Update, Part 3 SUCCESS.

Another fast update.

The screw-thread still works. Not that it's gonna be used.

"That there is a gold-plated kill!"

29th January 2011: The Engineer Update, Part 2 Fast update...
Well, the new wrench has been cleaned with a wire brush and meths, meaning that the screw-thread will now turn.
And I do believe I have undone that with the application of primer.
I was able to take the handle off, meaning that I could stand the wrench up in a bottle.

Maybe later tonight, I can give it the Midas touch...

29th January 2011: The Engineer Update, Part 1 What's this? An update, long after the costume is complete?
Well, not so much a costume update. More like a prop update.

I bought a second wrench. As you can see, it's slightly bigger than the other one (about 2 inches), but it's not in as good condition. It's a bit dirty and the screw-thread is quite rusty, meaning it's not very adjustable.
So why did I buy it?

Well, it should be pretty obvious since I talked about it in the Information section...

Lady-Aira avatar

Lady-Aira - 10th October 2010
Looking awesome ^^