Katen Kyokotsu

Cosplayer: Irynmudda

Variant: Oiran/Pirate/Tachi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Dee-Con 2012

16th February 2012: Eye patch Just been fixing my eye patch, got new chain attached. And by looking at the new reference pictures, I see she only has the chain attached to 2 bits, and it goes around her head. So I wont be attaching it to the wig this time :( So I attached a clasp to the chain :D

12th February 2012: Painting and brushing and crying and painting and brushing The back design! Well, this took fucking ages! I was originally using the faint leftover design from the first time, then realised how bad it looked, until I came across some amazing reference pictures and managed to make templates, and now it looks amazing! Just need to neaten up the edges.
Bought a new wig last year for Princess Luna, and from the above mentioned references, I've found out that her hair isn't cut in a short bob, but actually pulled up into those pigtails, not sure it this is bad or good right now! I suppose it saves on cutting it :/

26th January 2012: Sleeve ruffle SO I've been redoing the sleeve ruffle thing, as I didn't like the way it was last time. But I think the problem is that I've picked out a lightweight fabric, and it just doesn't sit right and I just done have enough money to buy new fabric :(
Anyway, this is just the fabric pinned in place so far, haven't ironed it yet, so it might look better after that.

Please ignore the alcohol, it's not all mine....I swear!

29th November 2011: What needs done! So my headpiece broke :( So I think I'm going to just remake it!, I now have geta, yas! paint the back. sort out the collar bit.

Neverforever avatar

Neverforever - 10th September 2010
Yay! Love the design of this zanpakuto, I'm planning to do muramasa to Auchi. Hope I get to see and get a photo of you ^^

Irynmudda avatar

Irynmudda - 1st October 2010
Hehe ^^ tis awesome! Oooh hopefully I'll get to see you, do some kickass fighting photos :D

eternal_aranel avatar

eternal_aranel - 25th March 2011
Aw I saw this at Auchi (late comment is late)
So well done! Best Zanpaktou :D

Irynmudda avatar

Irynmudda - 25th March 2011
Hehe! Thank you! Still needs alot of work done if I can ever be bothered ^^