Fruits Basket (manga)

Cosplayer: Xigalicious

Variant: Own design kimono

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

16th October 2010: Procastinating Okay this is taking way longer than it should simply because I keep putting parts off..
If I actually sit down and just sew it could be finished in a day XD
ahh fail

so next on the plan is to do the collar.. which requires ironing, also gotta finish the under robe thing.. hemming the sleeves the right lengths n shiz :P
Wig's done though! yay!! and I have my contacts.. so that cool..
I'm hoping to get the main kimono done this evening.. and cut out all the parts for the jacket too.. and the obi/belt which i don't know how long it should beeee.. should lookt hat up.
Pointless journal is pointless.. just basically saying I'm being lazy but hopefully I'll get these parts done.. maybe..

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 18th July 2011
omg! Shigure! This is incredible! <3

Xigalicious avatar

Xigalicious - 18th July 2011
Thank yooou :3