Final Fantasy III (DS)

Cosplayer: BB Dubs

Variant: Red Mage

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Ayacon 2011

24th March 2011: All done Just finished the sword earlier this evening. I'm a little satisfied with the finished.

The blade is massive and rubbish. The handle is short and the sword is really heavy to hold (due to half a block of clay I used on it). Details were reduced because it wouldn't fit.
But the thing I like about the sword is the gold effect on it. Whee.

Thus confirms my completion of this costume.

4th March 2011: I have a cape! Jacket is done. The rest: Hat, cape, top and Salamander Sword.

The cape is a bit iffty. In the reference image, the cape covers around the shoulders. But that part just sticks out when I put it on. Will get this sorted today.

Also, I'm going to do a lot of exercises for the next coming days before Kita (I have gained a lot over CNY) D:

16th February 2011: Semi-hiatus It's been a while since I've been making the hat (and it's proven to be the most difficult piece!)

I'll be borrowing the wig I did for Falsetto for this cosplay. The wig is really frustrating! The front part doesn't sit with my face properly. I cut the front part with my rubbish skills and applied manga head putty all over. It looks slightly better.

Ffff, the hat is going to cover it =/ Once I've finish writing up my final essay, I can resume fully on the costume (which is two weeks time!)

4th January 2011: Modifying hat I've added extra parts to make the hat a little bigger to match the original picture. While it looks awesome, covering the fabric over is proving difficult D: I was initially planning to piece the patterns together before sticking it on the hat, but erm... no. I might have to piece the pieces together a different way.

16th December 2010: Yosh Okay, I think I'll merge the two tops together and a seperate cape. So far, I got pretty much the main bits to make the whole costume + cheap base hat.

I just need to know how to make the hat...

8th November 2010: Should start now My next term after Christmas will be hellish, which is probably best if I start on this right now (that is as soon as I get moneh rolling in).

I'd figured I'll be needing 4 to 5metres of red felt. Or is there something else I could use?....

SarahSaiyan avatar

SarahSaiyan - 2nd September 2010
haha Dubs you love fire far too much :P

BB Dubs avatar

BB Dubs - 2nd September 2010
A real obsession D:

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 2nd September 2010
yay for ff3 :) dont see enuf o this done!

SarahSaiyan avatar

SarahSaiyan - 8th November 2010
you can try using a cotton drill instead of felt (you might also get a bit toasty in felt!!), it's good stuff! i used it for zagi, not too overly expencive, as long as you buy it from the right place :D

BB Dubs avatar

BB Dubs - 8th November 2010
Ahhh, good old cotton drill. I'll look around for it or do you have a really good place that does it for dirt cheap? =D

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 3rd December 2010
Oh gawd I love FFIII <33
I can't wait to see this finished 8D xxx

BB Dubs avatar

BB Dubs - 3rd December 2010
Thanks, FFIII needs more love and people cosplaying as them =D

Cattrocious avatar

Cattrocious - 4th January 2011
Final Fantasy III needs so much for credit, the costumes are epic!

BB Dubs avatar

BB Dubs - 11th January 2011
Indeed. Makes me want to make more than just the Red Mage!

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 16th February 2011
Yay! I like Ingus :) and i love Red Mages ^^

Frederica la Noir avatar

Frederica la Noir - 24th March 2011
Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see this at Kita, the progress looks fabo so far! keep it up :) xxx

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 24th March 2011
so much love for the ff series, cant wait to see it :D

SarahSaiyan avatar

SarahSaiyan - 5th April 2011
*is sad i didn't see you in this at the weekend*
it looks win Dubs :D We should have photoshoot times at some point :3

BB Dubs avatar

BB Dubs - 5th April 2011
I know right? Only just meet on the last night.
I agree! Maybe turn up for the last day of uni in our cosplays.
I'll definitely wear this for Ayacon again.

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 7th June 2011
This is amazing! <3
Hat! <333

Aisuhimeriae avatar

Aisuhimeriae - 27th August 2011
Well pleased with how the piccus from Ayacon turned out!

BB Dubs avatar

BB Dubs - 29th August 2011
Indeed! Thank you for taking them! *El-bears hugs*

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 30th January 2012
I really like your Ingus dude! It's really good! Love the structure of the outfit! How did you do the hat?

BB Dubs avatar

BB Dubs - 16th February 2012
Sorry for the late reply!

I used a black base hat I bought from BHS. I then glued a cardboard on the front and back to extend the length.

Measuring the red fabric around the hat took a while though...
It was the most difficult item of all to make, but it's also my favourite part of the costume.