Sister Evelyn
The Fall

Cosplayer: Cosplex

Variant: Lilac Flower lace Dress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

"Most Detailed" Judges Choice award at London MCM Expo (October 2011)

Showcased 4th May 2015

23rd December 2010: Costume - Skirt I was very lucky to be able to find gradient dyed silk chiffon fabric in shepards bush. This saved alot of pain when it came to making the skirt.

I played around with the fabric on my dress form, until I was happy with the shape, gathering and drape. The top edges were encased in bias binding and the skirts sections (there are two) were stitched to the corset itself, making it a dress.

The fabirc was hemmed using my overlocker! I made a quick pair of peach silk shorts to wear underneath the skirt, as it is of a see through nature!

23rd December 2010: Corset - Part 5 - Flowers I hand stitched straps onto the corset, these were made from interfaced purple raw silk.

The straps were then covered in chiffon to provide a base for all of the flowers. As I created the flowers I pinned them onto the corset and straps using the reference picture as a guide. I also added extra strips of chiffon and silk to bulk the design out, as well as a few other lace motifs I picked up from barnett and lawson (again dyed with inks)

Once I was happy with the placement (there was lots of rearranging!), I removed the corset from the dress from and hand stitched all of the flowers down.


23rd December 2010: Flower construction. The Flowers that decorate the neckline of this costume were one of the main reasons as to why I couldn't have made this costume without my embroidery machine. (without going clinically insane)

I designed three different shapes ( 5 petal, 4 petal and 3 petal) using embroidery software. This consists of sketching out the intial deisgn in pencil on paper, once I was happy with it, I then created a black line drawing of the deisgn. This was scanned into my computer and digitised using my embroidery software. I used a satin stich fill around the edges and a running stitch pattern in center of each petal.
Designing embroidery pattern is fiddly and always takes longer than expected, but you are rewarded in the end with something that can be repeated at a push of a button.

I could stitch 5 flowers at a time using my largest embroidery hoop. I layered two tone chiffon on top of purlpe raw silk and one again used dissolvable stabilizer to stabilise the design on the bottom.

Once the flowers were stitched, they were cut out, Soaked overnight and dried.
I gathered the flower at the center by hand to give it a 3D shape and finaly stitched on the embroidered centre section. I made 25 in all (as I ran out of fabric!)

I also made around 30 organza flowers (not pictured here), these were created by gathering and twisting strips of overlocked two tone organza. The Flowers were then finished off by sticthing a piece of lace into the centre to conceal the gathering.

22nd December 2010: Lace - Motifs Here is a quick picture showing some of the motifs deisgned by me and embroidered using my embroidering machine. I deisgned 6 motifs in total, a leaf, daisy, tulip, alluim, swirly thing and daffodill (at a best guess!)

They were all stitched onto organza and dissolvable stabilizer. Each motif was then cut out and soaked in water to remove the stabilizer over night. (First motif on the left). I initally tried to make them without the organza, which was a total failure as the designed then proceeded to unravel!

They were then dyed lilac with acrylic inks (Middle motif)

and finally highlighted using acyrlic ink with a paintbrush (Last motif on the right)

22nd December 2010: Lace - Dying I took a gamble and dyed all of the lace using acrylic inks (FW artists inks), something I had never tried before. The results turned out well.

The technique mostly consisted of me mixing up a base dye of ink and water in a bowl. Using Rubber gloves I then dropped the lace into the bowl, lifted it out and squeezed out the excess.
I layed the lace onto a protected table (A PVC table cloth worked fine) and used kitchen towel to remove the excess dye to achieve the colour I wanted. I then left the lace to dye, usually overnight.
Any addition colour acents were added using paintbrush and more dye, this time less watered down.

I haven't tested it fully, but I believe that the lace is relatively water resistant. But I will not be risking this costume out in the rain!

22nd December 2010: Corset - Part 4 - Complete Here is a picture of the corset completed. Now I need to add the straps, the the lace and flowers that travels from the bottom, up around the neckline and across the straps to the back.

Overall I am very pleased with how the corset has worked out!

22nd December 2010: Corset - Part 4 - Decorative lace After adding the base lace, I then proceeded to stitch on sections of the other "ebay" guipure lace and my own designed motifs based of the reference picture. These motifs were designed on my laptop and then embroidered by my embroidery machine. I will describe this process later using the flowers as an examples. All of the lace and motifs were dyed again using acrylic inks.

I posistioned the lace sections and motifs onto the corset whilst it was on my dress form and pinning to secure. Once I was happy with the layout, I took the corset off the dress form and hand stitched all of the lace down. I was careful to make sure that my stitching was not visable on the inside of the corset.

I worked the pattern in sections, using the reference picture to mimic the original lace as closely as possible. I used dyed russia braid for the stems and pieces of the "ebay" lace for the leaves.

22nd December 2010: Corset - Part 3 - Base Lace I covered the entire corset in a layer of the MacCollouch and Wallis lace, which I had dyed Lilac with acrylic ink. (I will explain this more in another journal post)
Although the lace was not designed to stretch, it had some give in it. I positioned it over the corset whilst it was on my dress form, pinned it and cut off the excess.
I then hand stitched the lace onto the corset at the edges.

16th September 2010: Corset - Part 2 - Base After the mock up was completed I could continue on to make the corset.

There are 4 layers to the corset, cotton lining, Bull denim interlining, Iron on interlining and Silk dupion.

I mentioned in an earlier journal that I did not want any eyelets to be visable at the back of the corset. Since most of the Structure is in the lining, the lining does up with eyelets, this provides the corset structure and shape.
The Silk layer is connected to the lining at the edges with bias binding and does up at the back with lacing through concealed loops. There is slso a modestly panel to conceal any potental gap (Added after the picture was taken)

The system is a bit hard to describe, hopefully it is easier to see in the picture!

Its now ready to be covered in lace!

16th September 2010: Corset - Part 1 - Mocking up I've been making corsets for years, however this is the first time that I have drafted my own pattern for one based off my measurements.
You can see a print out of the original pattern in the picture. I copied this onto squared pattern paper and altered the bust, underbust, waist and hips to my measurements. To ensure that the corset fitted I constructed a mock up using the bull demin, I imitated the boning in the seams with some spare rigilene plastic boning.

One I was hapy with the fit (It still require adjustment) I used a fabric pen to mark the seams and ripped the thing apart to provide me with a pattern for the final corset.

16th September 2010: Shoes Part 2 Shoes arrived! and Fitted! (First win!)
I managed to remove the decoration on the front with ease (second win!)

I then stitched some of the ink dyed lace over the fabric areas. I'm pleased with the outcome. (Third Win!)
I will finally finish them off with some hand made organza flowers that I will be making for the corset.

16th September 2010: Shoes Part 1 In the movie the actress is bare footed. Whilst this is very comfortable, it is not ideal for a busy ball!
The Hem on the skirt is also floor length, Which is also not idea for a busy ball!

So I have decided that I will buy a nomal pair of high heels but hem the skirt to allow me to wear the costume with no shoes.

After searching all of ebay, I decided on a basic pair of peach peep toes shows with an ankle strap. This is so that I can decorate them in a similar way to the corset. (i.e ripping off whatever it is stuck on the front of them)

2nd September 2010: The base guipure laces Guipure or Venise laces are thick embroidered style of lace. I'm guessing that the manufactures embroider them onto a soluble stablizer to create the look.

I've choosen two laces with a wide netted background them. Both are flower and swirl based. I'm planning on using one as a base and cutting the other out and stitching it on top.

The lace of the left was bought from Ebay (it is yet to arrive from america!) at £40 for 1 meter. The lace on the right was bought from MacCulloch and wallis. A very expensive designer fabric shop in london last year. I bought half a metre for £30. Nice guipure laces are not cheap (my bank balance is crying!)
I do think the money is worth it, Since I'm never making lace from scratch again after making padmes skirt. NEVER!

2nd September 2010: The Corset Even at first look, the corset construction was pretty simple (in theory!). The structure of the corset is made out of a peachy skin coloured fabric, with a lilac lace overlay on top. The Flowers and neckline lace are then connected to straps, which are purely decorative.

I have chosen to make the corset out of peach dupion silk from The fabric is very thick and strong, which is important for corsetry and I've worked with it many times before. (its the same fabric that I made kozue out of)
The corset will be lined with a co-ordinating cotton and interlined with bull denim. You can purchase bull denim from, along with other corsetry components. Its an incredibly thick corset interlining and has the bonus of being pretty cheap.
I'm planning on boning the corset with spiral wire, i used the material many times before and prefer it over other types of steel boning as it flexes in three directions.
The actual lace on this costume was no doubt; rare, expensive and not obtainable over the internet for love nor money. I have opted to buy 2 similar style laces and to embroider any additional applique motifs using my machine at home.
Since Laces rarely ever come in purlpe, I'm going to attempt to dye them using acrylic inks. My logic being that I paint fabric with acrylic paint, so can must be able to dye it with acrylic ink!
I have yet to decide how the corset will fasten up, I'm thinking that eyelets at the back will ruin the delicate lace look. I might try a consealed eyelet system at the back, or have it fasten at the front underneath the flowers.

2nd September 2010: The costume On first pass this costume looks like a corset, with attached straps (though they don't seem to hold the top up) and a skirt.

There is mabye one reference for this costume on the internet, I was luckly enough to stumble across hi-resolution picture someone had taken of the costume when it was on display at an exhibit in LA. This does not seem to be the costume that everyone thinks of when you mention the fall, but in my opinion its the most beautiful out of all of them.

I ended up buying the DVD of the movie (tbh its an amazing movie to own) and using the computer to take several screen shots of the costume. I managed to get some good close ups of the neckline, as well as other factors like hair and jewelery.

Ninodog avatar

Ninodog - 29th August 2010
Madam you are a crazy crazy something something! :o
Really hope this doesn't kill you or else we'll never get to see it

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Ashe - 2nd September 2010

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Sillabub - 2nd September 2010
Ahhhhhhh!! I'm planning a Sister Evelyn too, but the red dress with the crazy headgear. Awesome! Can't wait to see yours! :D

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MadameLapin - 5th September 2010
That costume is so pretty, best of luck with it ^^

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Sephirayne - 19th September 2010
Beautiful. I can't wait to see this.

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KhaosKreator - 3rd October 2010
Love the look of this. I won't be at the ball this year so it will be a shame not to see it in person, so I shall be following your progress pictures like a stalker instead.

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Uni - 15th November 2010
This is so epic! Really cannot wait to have a gander at you~ ; D

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Sephirayne - 23rd December 2010
Oh my,,,,, *thud*!

This is so incredible. I'm so in love with the corset. So beautiful. I love how you've designed it and made it. The lace overlay and flowers really make it amazing.

I can't wait to see pics of it on you. I'm sure you'll look stunning

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j_mercuryuk - 23rd December 2010
So beautiful! The corset is simply beautiful and it's on. You look beautiful as well. A great costume.

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Sephirayne - 23rd December 2010
I so had to comment again. The photos are lovely. The completed outfit is so stunning. I love it.

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Mighty Odango - 23rd December 2010
Labour intensive maybe but a piece to be extraordinarily proud of. Not many would go to such lengths and it really paid off!

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MadameLapin - 23rd December 2010
This is abseloutly beautiful! Such a stunning piece of work! Well done <3

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Ranma1-2 - 23rd December 2010
Beautiful, Amazing work, thanks for the great journal entries too, I love to see costumes in progress, it is a fascinating insight into the whole complex process.

It is a stunning costume and you look fabulous in it. :)

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Amy-Lou - 31st May 2011
New photos! Beautiful costume, all the layered lace was such a good idea.

I want an embroidery machine so badly, if my old faithful ever packs in I won't be able to resist now you've done such a good advertising job :D

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Sephirayne - 12th July 2011
Love the new photos. So stunning.

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Siouxsie James - 18th March 2013
WOW! that is a beautiful costume!

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InfiniteJester - 4th May 2015
This outfit is so gorgeous!