Penelope Garcia
Criminal Minds

Cosplayer: JJ-Cosplay

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

12th June 2011: MCM Expo Well MCM has come and gone. Shame I didn't get any pictures of Garcia at the convention, however she did make a small face appearance in a video. Hoping to do a shoot soon with her so I can get some pictures to put up here. Maybe next time I'll have a fluffy pen with me. :3

But it was good being her Saturday either way. :)

30th April 2011: WIG ARRIVAL!! Wig arrived today! :D So happy! It looks so pretty! Also my yellow bangle arrived too for her costume! :D Just waiting for my money to go in on Monday next week and then I'm ordering the material and shoes! :D So excited. Also think I may need to invest in some new glasses too for her! :D Will do a wig test one day this week. :3 But so happy! :D YAY!

10th April 2011: WIG!!!!1 Ok so I have now purchased the wig, and the material is in my basket on ebay. :) The seller keeps relisting it so I'm ok to leave it for a while, as I don't really have the money for another 2 weeks. But the wig was VERY important/ :3 So happy!! Can't wait to start putting her together! :D

5th April 2011: Material!!! Well after deciding I am most likely going to be doing this cosplay for May Expo I looked around on ebay for material so I could try and make the dress....and success! :D So happy. I also found a prefect I am going to purchase and start making her in the next month or so. :3 Looking really forward to it...Just have to find shoes, and a cardigan..and make the ID tag for her. :D So excited!

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cowiee - 19th November 2010
Omg, now this i cannot wait to see. I haven't seen much Criminal Minds cosplayer before. <33

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- - 11th April 2011
Garcia is win! Criminal minds is utterly win.
this cosplay is epic win!

Really can't wait to catch you and Stripeycow at expo! URHEUH i'm so excite!

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JJ-Cosplay - 12th June 2011
Thanks guys. I was there on the Saturday pushing around a wheelchair. :) Didn't get any pictures of her though. :( Her shoes killed me. :(

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Anonymous - 3rd March 2012
Hi! I was looking at your journal and I saw that you bought your wig from Wig Fever, and I was wondering if it was of good quality, because their wigs are fairly inexpensive and that tends to affect the quality.