Final Fantasy X-2

Cosplayer: Gold-Tzar

Variant: Songstress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

DuskatNight avatar

DuskatNight - 13th September 2010
Looking epic so far!

Gold-Tzar avatar

Gold-Tzar - 13th September 2010
Thank you! ^.^

MikeJenks avatar

MikeJenks - 14th September 2010
This looks awesome :o
Definately get pictures together 8D
Are you wearing it both days of expo?

Gold-Tzar avatar

Gold-Tzar - 14th September 2010
Thank youu! :D
Indeed :D
And hmm well unfortunatly i'm only staying until saturday so i wont be there sunday but hopefully i'll find you, Just look for the person who's staggering on heels she cant walk in and that'll be me! :P

Yes-My-Lord avatar

Yes-My-Lord - 14th September 2010
nice one 8D XD
an odd pair we shall be!!

Gold-Tzar avatar

Gold-Tzar - 14th September 2010
yayy!! oh indeed :L should be fun though, cant wait!!!
Hmm i think our parents are just going shopping... well i know mine are, we're being abandoned :L

MikeJenks avatar

MikeJenks - 15th September 2010
That's good then considering I'm only wearing Gippal on Saturday XDD;
I'll be the one staggering about with no depth perception :P

Gold-Tzar avatar

Gold-Tzar - 15th September 2010
Ahh, sounds fabulous, what a pair we shall look like! xD xD

leumas avatar

leumas - 19th September 2010
costume's looking great :)

Gold-Tzar avatar

Gold-Tzar - 19th September 2010
Thank you! ^.^