The Tribe

Cosplayer: Acanatane

Variant: Loco/Queen of the Loco's

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

puzzledpenguin avatar

puzzledpenguin - 17th March 2012
Cool! I used to love the Tribe. I've never seen a cosplay though. Well done :)

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 21st March 2012
Thank you! >.< I loved it too, which is why I wanted to do something from it. Id love to do another one (of her, or someone else), but from scratch this time and spend more time on it, so its more accurate.

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 30th March 2012
Oh gosh the Tribe - I remember watching this. ^_^

klweanne avatar

klweanne - 11th May 2013
I love this, I have just started getting interested in cosplay but already planning an Amber outfit :) Its a shame no one really seems to know it anymore though.

keep the dream alive x

Acanatane avatar

Acanatane - 12th May 2013
I'm planning on doing her Eagle clothes at some point! I'd love to see how yours turns out! Definitely - it's not as popular as it deserves lol.