Gokudera Hayato
Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Cosplayer: CrazyLittleHanyou

Variant: Were-cat Gokudera (Monster Tamer Tsuna)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th October 2010: Finished... More-or-Less! Yay!! I finished all of the sewing on the ears and tail today :D PLUS I cut out the skull from felt and sewed it onto the t-shirt! Now everything is complete... apart from dynamite...

But that depends on how my other cosplays go so we'll see... Leaving it in 'in progress' until I'm sure!

23rd October 2010: Ears & Tail So I've cut and pinned the ears and tail this morning ^^ buuttt they're now queuing for the sewing machine which is currently being used for France's jacket... fingers crossed that'll be finished tonight and I can get on and get these sewn!

Oh, and I've decided no dynamite... saving that for 'proper' Gokudera cosplay >.<

20th October 2010: Fish Complete! So... I eventually got around to making my fish prop! It's made out of grey felt, the eyes and gills were drawn on with a fabric pen and the fins were sewn on before I stuffed it with some stuffing-type stuff that I found lying around the house XD

I sewed it all together with a nice blanket stitch and I'm stupidly pleased with how it turned out XD

Next job... ears and tail O.o

My__RoadOfBlood avatar

My__RoadOfBlood - 9th August 2010
Oh my god this is so cute ;w; Can't wait to see it!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 22nd August 2010
so cute! Vampire Hibari will be taking a photo of you!

CrazyLittleHanyou avatar

CrazyLittleHanyou - 27th August 2010
@My__RoadOfBlood: Thank you ^^

@mandi-taichou: yay Vampire Hibari & Were-Cat Gokudera I can't wait :D

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Anonymous - 29th October 2010
Looks way cute ^^

CrazyLittleHanyou avatar

CrazyLittleHanyou - 20th November 2010
^__^ Thank you :D