Final Fantasy XII

Cosplayer: Aks100

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

20th July 2010: Leg armour Wore htis costume to LFCC but I had major issues with the leg armour. It wouldn't stay and it kept falling off. Copious amounts of Double sided tape didn't seem to work. I'm thinking about attaching all the armour to knee high boots and putting everything, denim, foam and leatherette onto the boots. Just need to find the right pair of boots now that are comfortable. Hopefully it will work

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VeXerLINK - 19th July 2010
Wow you look great! Hope you manage to fix your cosplay for expo!


Fishyfins avatar

Fishyfins - 19th July 2010
hey there ^^

was nice seeing you at LFCC. i know i said it then, but fantastic costume, nice to see a Penello around :)

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Limegreenjelly - 19th July 2010
Good choice of character there :) I like your armour youve done

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Limegreenjelly - 20th July 2010
Unfortunately due to the armour being made out of papermache it got badly damaged and I had to scrap all the armour pieces apart from her bracelets which were the only things that didnt get any damage whatsoever, for the day we hot glued as much as we could so it didnt fall apart and it worked until the very end of the day LOL!

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Limegreenjelly - 20th July 2010
Surprisingly the armour wasnt too uncomfortable, one detailed costume I didnt actually have to suffer in XD which was a nice change, I also had problems with the leg armour... I havent figured out a solution to stop the problems from happening yet :S

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FusionRose - 18th December 2010
you make such an adorable penelo ^_^ Love this <3 x.

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Aks100 - 24th July 2011
hehe, thanks :)

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Manticore Arts - 15th September 2011
Aw Awesome! I didn't know you did Penelo! It's so cute! Love teh Detailing on the boots

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Aks100 - 16th September 2011
yeah, penelo was my first attempt at cosplay, in hindesight should have done an easier one but i plan on revisiting her in the next few months and fixing all the armour properly so that it'll fit now that i've actually got everything that I need.