France (Francis Bonnefoy)
Axis Powers Hetalia

Cosplayer: CrazyLittleHanyou

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd October 2010: Progress... Eventually! Sooo.... I roped in my mum to help me with the jacket >.< 'cause I've still got bits for were-cat Gokudera & Fran to do...

Buutttt.... I've finished Pierre! Just gotta work out how to attach him XD But hey ho!

27th August 2010: Updates Well I've got my flag :D Just need a flag pole now XD

And I found my trousers in a charity shop so I don't have to make them ^^

I had all intention of buying by boots but lack of funds has prohibited that but then I found a pair of old boots I thought I'd lost and they're perfect so I'm very happy with that!

When I get back from Tokyo, I'll cut out the pattern and go get the material to make France's jacket with! Good times :)