Cosplayer: Dusttee

Variant: Dark Wood Circus

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

11th October 2010: Shoe progress~ Started on the shoes today. I bought a plain pair of black heels from new look (£7 HELL YEAH <3) and using masking tape just kept going around and around to make the curl. Now i need to get some black spray paint to coat it but for now this will do.

1st October 2010: FLower band Head flowers progress. Added some more flowers need to dirty it up now and add the real flowers a couple of days before expo.

1st October 2010: Progress God i swear i need to remember to keep progress on here!
The top was completed ages ago i used the same shirt pattern as i did for meiko (default) but i modified the sleaves.
I'm borrowing the tights of juliette and i had the wig already.
I started on the flower band i used a thin alice band and some clingfoil and i then used a bunch of fake flowers i got from poundland and cut them of the stems ,i had to paint a few of them blue too, and then stuck them on with the glue gun. However it looks far too...happy. So i'm gonna try making it a bit muddy and tea stain it.
The ruff is now done. I used interfacing and ironed it onto the fabric then using the glue gun i glued it onto a strip of fabric which would fit around my neck however the gaps were far too big and it was far too wide so i had to unglue it all and cut it in half and glued the two parts together i then basically folded it over and over to make that kinda springy looking thing people make outta paper and then attached some velcro to the end so i could fit around my neck and keep it in place. However i think it looks too thin so i might remake it if i have enough time.

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Anonymous - 23rd June 2010
cant wait to see this :]

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Mortal - 24th June 2010
Awesome! XD Really look forward to seeing this!

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KiraraYumi - 1st July 2010
This is going to be awesome, really looking foward to seeing this!

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Anonymous - 1st October 2010
Creepy :o

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Anonymous - 1st October 2010
Sorry I didn't reply, no texts left D:
The make up looks amazing <33 it's gonna look so cool with the flower thingy ontop and all <333

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808UnknownError - 2nd October 2010
I can't wait to see more pictures.

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Anonymous - 10th October 2010
Put a pic up of the collar :D;;;?
Just made my head thingy :3

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TheEmoEmu - 23rd October 2010
Interesting fact: the flowers are a euphemism for the acid that was thrown on kids' faces in the circus as pumnishment. OMG FACTS

And, I reaaaaally can't wait to see this! ^^

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CrystalNeko - 9th November 2010
Why aren't there that many comments? THIS COSTUME NEEDS MORE COMMENTS!
You looked so amazing!! You all did brilliantly in the masquerade too!! I love what you did with the face make up as well~

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KiraraYumi - 10th November 2010
N'aww, I really wanted to see this! You look awesome, you did so well on this! <3 I really love the flowers especially!

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PinkCharlieBear - 11th November 2010
You know I love this!
The poofy pants, and DEM CURLY SHOESSS <3
So awesome and freaky. You looked amazingggg!

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phalor - 13th November 2010
This looks amazing. *A* I'm gutted I never got to see it. :(

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Clover-tan - 24th May 2011
So awesome! That girl in the video was Meiko? Ah, I thought so~! xD