Cosplayer: Moonchild

Variant: Mini-Series Version

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

24th July 2010: LFCC I had a great time at the event itself and got a lot of nice comments from people on the costume so thanks for that =) Although I was very nervous about wearing this costume and didn't look that great in it, I think it was okay. I'd love to rewear her again once ive lost some weight >_< and possibly do other versions of her =)

I had quite a few photos taken with GraceyDarling as Jean Gray/Phoenix but as per usual only a few have been found lol To be honest I don't really like any of the photos ive seen >_< which is why I haven't as yet uploaded any of the full costume. Hopefully once ive lost a bit of weight i'll be able to re-wear her and get some decent ones up =)

I'll also re-do some parts: Add the white trim to the trench coat, more accurate gloves and boots, re-do the belts and re-do the wig (hopefully remove the extentions and dye the front of it to look more natural xD)

15th July 2010: Final Update (for now) This will be going ahead! Even if i'm very scared >_<

Bodysuit arrived on tuesday, fits me fine and is supprisingly comfortable. I think it looks alright but i'm still slightly worried about how it looks on me (as per usual lol) But it doesn't look AS bad as i thought it would so hopefully won't be too bad. Also gona wear my magic body shaper underneath lool although it shows through the suit a bit..but I feel a little better in it~

The Wig. Well my intial plan of sewing the extentions to the wig mesh failed as the front of the wig (for some reason) has a skin-top, so if i'd sewn them, I would have had to have done it futher back and it would have just looked like white highlights. So GraceyDarling helped me and sewed 2 extentions together for each side and ive now sewn them on top of the wig, so they go over the hair. It doesn't look great but you get the general effect I think and i'm just hoping it won't notice too much ^^' I think should I cosplay her again which I probs will then i'll have a go at dying it but for now this will do.

My Dad managed to find a belt I could use for her main one (x buckle) The round buckle had an engraved design on it so my dad filled it with epoxy resin and then sanded it flat (love my dad xD) and hes also painted it red and varnished it for me as well. Just need to add the black 'X' symbol =)

Decided i'm just going to use some black boots I already own to save on money =)Oh and have put a slit up the middle on the back of the trench coat. Mine didn't
have one and I thought it would be easyier to move in as well. For some reason the guys that made the bodysuit made the gloves fingerless...I have no idea why but ive noticed in pictures hers look green with white fingertips so i'm going to borrow sweeturk's Earl gloves to wear underneath the green ones ;)

And thats about it ^^ I'm actually really quite nervous about wearing this...I just don't want to look stupid I guess as ive loved Rogue for a long time and my body-loathing never helps when it comes to cosplay ^^' But hopefully being alongside Grace as Jean Gray/Phoenix will cheer me up ^^

4th July 2010: Extentions Ordered... Just ordered some white hair extentions (although the colour says 'white gray blonde' o_O) but they look white in the picture so will hopefully be fine =)
They are about 20" in length and the wig is 21" so will look alright I think??
And ive got 8 of them in one lot XD

The basic idea is to remove the plastic clip at the top of each extention and then sew them to the wig mesh underneath the wig towards the front. Iv'e got 8 of them so i'll probably just use 4 of them (2 for each side) but if the hair is quite thin I may end up using them all. Hoping the lovely GraceyDarling will help me with this ;)

The wig is also being sent out tomorrow so will hopefully have the wig finished this weekend =) I'm now looking into finding an x-men buckle for her belt. I have found one on an american site but the colours are round the wrong way...and i'd have to pay express postage so...I may have to either leave it or possibly look into making one?? But we'll see =)

3rd July 2010: Update 03/07/10 How I love cutting it fine >_< lool
So yes finally got to order the body-suit today, the reason iv'e left it so late is because i wasn't too sure weather to go ahead with this or not...and i'm still very apprehensive about it...but i'd rather take the risk and see how it looks than be misrable at LFCC because I didn't try lol

ANYWHO so body suit has been ordered from costumefactory2007 on ebay =) They are the same people that made a friend's Rogue costume and also Grace's Phoenix so everything should be fine. They have taken all what ive asked them to do as well as several reference images so fingers crossed it will all look good! It SHOULD get here a few days before the event lol I'm just hoping it looks okay on me...

I also recieved my trench coat the other day ^^ Its really nice and was such a bargain lool Although I don't have the white she has round the collar I may add that another time.

Also about to order my wig =) (see picture) and then i'll need to order some white hair extentions to sew into it. Apart from that just leaves the belts and boots =) I really hope this all works out >_<

GraceyDarling avatar

GraceyDarling - 17th June 2010

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 17th June 2010
yayyy for x-men love and rogue is awesomeee

letmelive avatar

letmelive - 24th June 2010
can't wait to see this one! Rogue's my favourite X-men (woman!) ahaha.


Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 4th July 2010
awesomeeee love this version of rogue

Holli avatar

Holli - 7th July 2010
i hope its gets here intime :)

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 7th July 2010
It should do haha, they said 5 days to make it which should be tomorrow and then its being sent by express post which if my wig is anything to go by took 2 days =)

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 7th July 2010
The wig is VERY nice :) cant wait to see the Bodysuit!

FairyPorchQueen avatar

FairyPorchQueen - 7th July 2010
YEY! my fave version!

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 24th July 2010
Was very nice meeting you :) loved your costume!

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Zomboi - 10th January 2011
Love rogue, love this!