Silent Hill 2

Cosplayer: VampiricAngel

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 13th June 2010
I wish you the best of luck with this! Making it and wearing it destroyed my soul XD

Dress is looking great!

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sjbonnar - 13th June 2010
Oh nice! Looking good so far!

ViewtifulD avatar

ViewtifulD - 13th June 2010
*terror* Id best get that lead pipe sorted pronto D':

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 15th June 2010
Thanks all 8D

And yes you should get that pipe sorted >8D I'm working on mine too soon muhaha

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Leadmill - 16th June 2010
This is looking great!

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 16th June 2010
Thanks so much, hon! :D <3

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Member-XI - 16th June 2010
*noms you* Delicious nurse. Hehe it looks ace my dear :D

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Elyiel - 17th June 2010
"It doesn't fit on mah head!"
~Squeezes on
"..oh wait, yes it does. 8D"

Oh how I love you. I can't wait to see this all together and finished. ;D

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Alyx - 8th November 2010
Awesome!! You did a great job with the costume and got some really wicked photos!

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 8th November 2010
Thanks so much ^^ Its all thanks to AnaisRoberts on dA that my costume turned out so well ^^
Hoping to get some more shots up soon, since we took quite a lot! :D

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Alias Cosplay - 8th November 2010
I was wondering why I hadn't seen you again at Expo, I didn't recognise you! Great nurse and awesome photoshoot!

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 8th November 2010
xD! I am the master of disguise! Ahaha, don't worry about that bwhaha, even we had trouble recognising each other, in the end we distigushed who was who using breasts and legs. xD

Glad you liked it though! <3

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cowiee - 16th November 2010
This i freakin' epic of all epicness!

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VampiricAngel - 16th November 2010
Thanks hun! :D I loved this shoot, Anais did fantastically on the outfits and the pics! <3