Van Hellsing the movie

Cosplayer: Frederica la Noir

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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ElegantAura - 15th June 2010
I only just noticed that you'd put this up, so looking forward to this, we've got all three brides now ^_^

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Feather-to-Earth - 16th June 2010
Ooooo how epic!!!!! I'm soooooooo looking forward to doing this and yes i can't believe we have all 3 brides, it's just too perfect <3 I can't wait to see your progress on this ^_~

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Frederica la Noir - 22nd June 2010
It's gonna be epic =) I bought a wig for her instead of using my own hair (it's errm falling out at the moment and I dunno if it'll stop before expo .. bald/semi bald is not a good look for a cosplay xD) and the wig was a bargain can't wait to test it out!

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ElegantAura - 28th June 2010
Oh My gosh you look fantastic! the Wig is perfect, £6.99???? what a bargain! Great job on the make-up, you've got me soo excitied to work on Verona now ^_^

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Feather-to-Earth - 28th June 2010
Oh my gods!!!! You look so amazing!!!! I feel so inspired right now ^_^ <3

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FairyPorchQueen - 29th June 2010
YEY!! you look amazing so far!

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Frederica la Noir - 14th July 2010
Thankies guys! =) I should have the whole costume complete by mid september (I'm not gonna have a sewing machine at uni so have to get everything done before I go away) I so excited about our group I heard that we have a Van helsing now? so we just need a Carl and dracula =)

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DemoraFairy - 26th August 2010
Wow this looks amazing, can't wait to see it! Van Helsing is my favourite movie, I'm gonna love seeing all the girls in a group :D

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FairyPorchQueen - 19th October 2010
Keep at it! ^___^ Aleera is amazing! ive been watching the films loads the last few days, i actually love her hehe! Plus you get to kick ma butt

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callmemilo - 20th October 2010
oooooh looks good so far! welcome to the group!

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Zelda - 27th October 2010
That dress is beautiful!!! Lovely work <3

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FairyPorchQueen - 28th October 2010
Ahhh you look beautiful!!

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callmemilo - 28th October 2010
the dress looks amazing! i'm so glad we're all putting in so much effort with our costumes :D

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ElegantAura - 2nd November 2010
Oh my this is incredible!!! I can't believed i missed you >_< i might have to steal your dress and dye it green for Verona lol Did you gather the fabric to get it to drape like that??

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Frederica la Noir - 2nd November 2010
Yep the fabric's gathered, I used 5meters of pink fabric on the dress xD and 95% is hand sewn lol my fingers were hurting by the end. When everyone's got their cosplays done we'll defo have to have a photoshoot it'd be epic :) xx

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ElegantAura - 2nd November 2010
Wow lots of fabric ^__^ I'll have to keep pestering you if i get stuck as you've made the dress perfectly! You're hard work definately paid off, and yus we will soo have to do a photoshoot one day ^__^ x x x

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FairyPorchQueen - 5th November 2010
Im actually devistated, you look amazing

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Anonymous - 29th November 2010
Amazing! 8D

- avatar

- - 29th November 2010
You ownnned this! really really amazing.
You'd think you just poped right out of the movie!

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PapercutPerfect - 30th November 2010
Woah! Amazing! 8D You look straight out of the movie!

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noirenotorious - 30th November 2010
Wow, you did a gorgeous job of this character! :D

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gaming_goddess - 30th November 2010
just wanna comment to high five you for the dedication of these photos - sub zero temperatures and you still maintained your aleera face :) One of my fav cosplays of yours and the photos turned out amazing :D

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Ranma1-2 - 14th December 2010
Wow cosplay looks fantastic. Those pics are Fab!
Did you have your vampire teefies in for this shoot?

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Frederica la Noir - 14th December 2010
Thankies :) there would have been more photo's but this was a couple of weeks ago when we were getting snow so it was litteraly freezing D: so had to stop after a few minutes I couldn't feel my hands!

I didn't have them and still don't, my bf has them (long story) and doesn't know where they are so looks like I'll have to buy some before the next shoot! I love my fangs had to file them to fit my teeth so I'm a bit peeved at the mister for losing them. xxx

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Lozzie - 14th December 2010
ohhh my god!! this is amazing!! you look STUNNING!!! i always wanted to cosplay her but could never get away with it, but she suits you so much <3

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Ranma1-2 - 15th December 2010
aha, so thats why I couldnt see the teeth in the photos. They are just the icing on the cake though. I look forward to seeing this in Oct. :)
btw when you get your new set prob the first set will turn up. :P

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Sephirayne - 2nd March 2011
This looks so amazing. I love the photo. You look stunning and like your straight out of the movie.

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Quinzel - 2nd March 2011
Oh snap, this is why I should look through costume lists and not just click on the ones on the front page XD. I keep missing things D=. The dress is stunning! The brides' dresses had a lot of movement - I think that's what made them so beautiful - and it looks like you've captured that really well :).

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Anonymous - 3rd March 2011
wounderfull cosplay!!!*-*

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No thanks - 6th March 2011
Awesome! in love with this one haha, great job !

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FairyPorchQueen - 2nd May 2011
the new photos look fantastic!

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Mangamad - 16th June 2011
That new one with the eyes just want to stake you even more. O_O;;;

(In other Coolness XD)

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CassieAnimelove - 22nd March 2012
How did you make this?!
My friends and I want to do a Cosplay group with the 3 brides and either Darcula OR Anna :D