Cosplayer: Teacup_Erinyes

Variant: Learn to do it

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 5th June 2010
I don't think I've ever seen this version of Anya done before, I love it ^w^ You did such a great job and you make such a cute Anya.

Kacela avatar

Kacela - 6th June 2010
This is so cool =] you both look awesome ^^

SamanthaKaiba avatar

SamanthaKaiba - 25th October 2010
lovely outfit...nice work on it...^_^

FuriePhoenix avatar

FuriePhoenix - 21st November 2011
so you were the Anya I spotted back then!! I loved your Anya!

Raine avatar

Raine - 2nd November 2013
You make such an adorable Anya! Totally jelly~
I still have my ear flapping Pooka toy from the VHS release x3

LittlePidgey4 avatar

LittlePidgey4 - 3rd November 2013
Oooh, so cute!
I think I snapped this, you were hanging around with an Alice? (

Teacup_Erinyes avatar

Teacup_Erinyes - 3rd November 2013
Thank you littlepidgey4! haven't had many photos crop up yet. The Alice is my sister, costume also made by me.
I keep threatening to dress up my baby nephew as Pooka. ^_^

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 4th November 2013
Love this!! <3

SaffronJay avatar

SaffronJay - 22nd April 2014
This cosplay is great! I wish I'd seen it in person!

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 18th September 2014
oh my god. One of my favourite movies! This i gorgeous! Beautiful work!