Miranda Keyes

Cosplayer: Ashika

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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MasterJh117 avatar

MasterJh117 - 14th June 2010
Sleeve is looking really good ^^

Ragepotato avatar

Ragepotato - 15th June 2010
This is going to be awesome ^_^ Can't wait to see more!


Ragepotato avatar

Ragepotato - 20th June 2010
Awesome work so far! You've been super quick with this! @_@
Any plans for a weapon? ^^


Ashika avatar

Ashika - 20th June 2010
I was going to go for a pistol (currently being made) and a shotgun so I can do her death scene pose! The pistol will have magnets, as will my trouser leg, so I can carry it on my side and I think I will either just carry the shotgun by hand or let masterjh carry it on his back sometimes (depends how lazy I feel on the day :P)

MasterJh117 avatar

MasterJh117 - 20th June 2010
Looking amazing so far ^^ I'm glad to see our costumes are being made together, rather than mine first :P I see you're planning on being a lazy bum and making ME carry the shotgun! How rude! :P

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 21st June 2010
lots of halo cosplay's in october ^_^... looks awesome :P

Joshua avatar

Joshua - 22nd September 2010
Cool kit.

PokethePixie avatar

PokethePixie - 3rd October 2010
This is such a great idea ^^ I love the 343 :P

Numta avatar

Numta - 14th December 2010
Amazing Miranda Keyes!

Well done!!!

2FurryMidgets avatar

2FurryMidgets - 22nd June 2011
Looks bloody awesome