Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Cosplayer: Exelia

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2010

19th August 2010: Lambdadelta - Masquerade Lambdadelta was worn all together with Beatrice (Hitachiin) and Bernkastel (Frazzy) for the Masquerade at AmeCon 2010 as a debut! We literally just arrived before we were due on stage.. awesome ;o

19th August 2010: Lambdadelta Progress - Socks The socks for Lambdadelta proved to be impossible to find so I made some instead. They're made from pink and white jersey fabric and while they don't have an accurate size ratio for the stripes, I think they look awesome with the costume and they were as close as I could get without sewing pink to white to pink to white manually, which I didn't really have time for :(

I made the socks by wrapping fabric around my leg and pinning it. Once it was taken off it was cut to size and then sewn - simple as! They were a little tight around my feet, but that was hidden by the shoes and once they're on they're very comfortable.

The detailing around the top was made with leftover white polycotton from the petticoats and red suiting used for the bows. The white was frilled around the sock, pinned and then the red was pinned on top so all seams are hidden. Then they were sewn up and tested. They had to be taken in at the top once or twice which resulted in uneven stripes :(, but the dress is so long nobody notices.

All that was left were the bows which were sewn on by hand to the sock, above where the maryjane strap appears.

19th August 2010: Lambdadelta Progress - Wig, Trims and Accessories The wig was the same one I used for Billy Hatcher and had originally bought for Liechtenstein, but it was suitable enough without being a straight bob and looked great with the hat. It was swept to the side like Lambdadelta's and sprayed until it stayed in place. The bows in the wig were attached with small elastics and bobbypins.

The necklace was custom made for me in a local market shop and then customised with one of the bows. The necklace is 17 inches (I think so, anyway) and sits nicely with the dress. The bow was slipped onto the necklace and secured around a central pearl.

The gloves were bought online and are made from jersey instead of satin, so they have a more matte appearance to fit with the rest of the costume. They were taken in slightly at the top by around 3 inches on each glove and a small piece of lace was sewn around the top of each glove.

The pumpkin and leaves on the dress were made from felt and attached to the dress. The leaves were sewn down the centre in a straight line to give extra detail and the pumpkin was bondawebbed on to give a seamless look.

The pearl strip on the dress was made from a cheap necklace I bought, cut down and attached. There was a small 'pocket' on the front and back of the dress where 1 pearl was sewn in on either side to secure it to the dress without being too obvious or flimsy.

The shoes were bought and then had bows attached to them. It's surprisingly hard to find low-heeled red maryjane shoes in summer but I found some for a bargain and they worked perfectly :)

19th August 2010: Lambdadelta Progress - Dress The dress on Lambdadelta was great fun to make, huge and floofy and it didn't take long either. It was made besides the trims from pink suiting, and the petticoats were made from white polycotton.

The bodice and sleeves were made using a fancy dress Alice in Wonderland pattern and was made the same way Frazzy's Bernkastel's bodice was made. The collar was modified to be more squared as in the design at the front and back and then the frills were added.

The sleeves were taken in slightly to add a little more puffyness to them, and a frill of pink fabric was added around the edges then sewn down.

The skirt was made without a pattern and is huuuuge~ it tapers from just above my knees to the back of my ankles. The apron was made seperately and attached on top. The apron has nearly 5metres worth of frill around the edges and is kind of heavy, but helps the dress keep it's shape. It folds around to the top of the skirt at the back and joins up, covering the end of the zipper and where the pearl trim attaches at the back.

The petticoats were made and attached inside of the dress. Each petticoat uses up nearly 2 metres of fabric and matches the shape of the dress itself to taper down. The edge of each petticoat was french seamed and has a small trim of lace to match the design.

All of the dress was french seamed where I could, so it has a nice, clean finish, and where it wasn't has been overlocked inside.

19th August 2010: Lambdadelta Progress - Bows The bows were the most time consuming part of the outfit so I'm going to list them all here.. there is a total of 17 bows on the outfit itself, and each one was made to the design.

Because the bows are meant to be round and resemble candy the majority of them had a cover button sewn into the centre to give them the 'candy' look. Only 2 bows didn't have the buttons in the centre which were the ones in the wig, as they were different shapes.

There were 2 styles of bows on the dress, ones with and without tails. 8 bows (the large ones on the hat and dress, the small ones on the shoes and socks and the small ones in the wig) had tails whereas the 9 others only had the 'top' to the bow.

Pretty much all of the bows were different sizes besides the bows that matched (3 down the back, 4 on shoes/socks), and most of them were cut and sewn at whatever size I thought was suitable without measuring. It was difficult to get them all at the right ratio, and some had to be remade, but I think the end result looked good in proportion to the dress.

The 3 bows on the back of the dress were poppered onto the back so I could get in and out of the dress easier :)

19th August 2010: Lambdadelta Progress - Hat The hat was made from scratch from a large circle of the pink suiting and a length of pink fabric. The circle was gathered around the edges to fit the length and then that was gathered to fit around the pink grosgrain headband. The entire hat was then sewn and overlocked to give it a nice clean and sturdy edge.

The hat has 3 bows attached to it on the front, 1 on the left and 1 on the right. They were attached by hand and sewn directly into the hat to keep them secured.

19th August 2010: Lambdadelta Progress - Materials Lambdadelta was made of a lot of pieces and normally I narrate these in the costume description but I thought it would be more useful to journal it all. :)

The materials used on Lambdadelta are as follows.
- Pink suiting for dress, hat, frills (5 metres)
- Red suiting for bows and trims (1 metre)
- White polycotton for petticoats (4 metres)
- Pink and white stripe jersey fabric for socks (1 metre)
- Pink grosgrain ribbon for hat (1 metre)
- Felt - green, black, orange, red - for pumpkin (4 sheets)

- Pearl necklace (bought and modified)
- Pearl trim for dress (bought and modified)
- Red 1-inch heel maryjane shoes (bought and modified)
- Black gloves (bought and modified)

RanmaSyaoran avatar

RanmaSyaoran - 19th April 2012
Nicely done :D

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Getti - 20th October 2014
What a cute photoset! You look wonderful, in fact your whole group are just amazing.

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SuperZeldaGirl - 30th January 2015
Beautiful costume and great photos.