Cosplayer: Leadmill

Variant: Gijinka

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th October 2010: Earphones Painted A set of ear phones was obtained and one of the ear peices was masked off and sprayed blue.

23rd October 2010: Jumpsuit Finished Picture of finished jumpsuit!

23rd October 2010: Coloured Banding Added Coloured fabric/foam was added to pocket tops to give the jumpsuit a bit of colour.

23rd October 2010: Jumpsuit Lining Added 2 Alias added lining to rear of the jumpsuit too. It took her ages and i'm very greatful!

23rd October 2010: Jumpsuit Lining Added 1 Alias added black fabric lining to the shoulders, sides and pockets of the jumpsuit

20th October 2010: Magneton Transfer Alias found, modded and then added a Magneton to some iron on transfer paper, this was then added to the rear of the jumpsuit.

27th September 2010: Screws Added A set of doorknobs were attached to the shield to represent screws

24th September 2010: Shield Prongs Painted The prongs of the shield were painted masked off and painted red and blue respectivley.

24th September 2010: Magnet Prongs Cut, Painted and Attached The prongs were cut out of Pine using a bench saw, they were then sanded down, primed and painted. They were then attached using contact adhesive.

22nd September 2010: Colour Scheme Added and Shaping Cut Basic paint colours were added to both the rifle and the shield. The shield handle was also cut to be more clearly defined.

18th September 2010: Primer Added Rifle and shield were given several coats of primer in preperation for more detailed styling.

18th September 2010: Rifle Dissambled and Cleaned Took the weapon apart for cleaning and to make the painting process easier.

16th September 2010: Nerf Longstrike Purchased Bought a Nerf Longstrike from Toys 'R' Us due to the fact its size and bulky appearence tie very well into the mecha asthetic i'm going for with the Magneton Gijinka design.

4th June 2010: Bracing Struts Added To provide additional reinforcement to the shield struts were added the rear of the shield to provide extra strength.

2nd June 2010: Shield Design Cut Using spare MDF the shield design was cut using both a jigsaw and tenon saw. Work was temporarily haulted due to my not paying attention and slicing my thumb quite badly. Once it healed I was able to get the design cut out.

Anggul avatar

Anggul - 28th April 2010
Very cool, perhaps add screws to the design? It's got magnets and stuff, but I think a few screws around the suit would add more bulk and substance to it.

Will love to see ^-^

CyanideCustard avatar

CyanideCustard - 2nd September 2010
is a cool concept but cant help but suggest a headband with a screw on top and 2 magnets? would actually make it more awesome ^^

Leadmill avatar

Leadmill - 23rd September 2010
Cheers guys, will get around to adding some screws. As for headband we shall see :)

Captain_Marvelous avatar

Captain_Marvelous - 28th September 2010
Rifle looks great! its gonna be real nice seeing this up close ^^

Anggul avatar

Anggul - 16th October 2010
Is this gonna be on Saturday? If so I'd love to join you as Hitmonlee with my fighting pokemon buddies =D

VampiricAngel avatar

VampiricAngel - 1st November 2010
I cant express how much I loved this! 8D Seriously, you looked epic!

Defrain avatar

Defrain - 3rd November 2010
that gun was mental i tells ya

Berserk667 avatar

Berserk667 - 9th November 2010
A really amusing concept. Ilike it

ViewtifulD avatar

ViewtifulD - 31st December 2010
Holy hell I'm sad I missed this but it looked so awesome. As per usual top grade stuff :D

Clover-tan avatar

Clover-tan - 5th May 2011
I can't believe I missed seeing this D: Really amazing, by the way ^__^