Cosplayer: visiting_wizard

Variant: kyoshi warrior

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

12th September 2010: Nearing The End! I finished the robe today! Never sewn sleeves on my own before so that was an interesting hour! Anyway, this means that I only have the obi-belt and the headdress to make and then I'll move on to perfecting the fit and testing my make-up. :D

(need to make some fit adjustments because I discovered the Hakama fall down when I walk around in them!)

8th September 2010: New Machine! I finally cracked and spent way too much money on a sewing machine! It's amazing! It also means that I have completed my Hakama. Now I only have to fix the headdress together, make the robe and buy the shoes and fans!
...and make the waist tie. Maybe I've actually still got quite a lot to do after all lol!

29th August 2010: AAARRGHHHH Yesterday I made my Hakama (except for the ties) and today the sewing machine is buggered!! How am I going to finish either of my cosplays if I don't have access to a sewing machine! :O

8th August 2010: hmm Haven't been working on my October cosplays for ages but i just did a quick calculation and i reckon i can finish this for just under £40. I don't think that's too bad considering the amount of fabric etc needed!

27th June 2010: progress O.k. Since i finished uni for the year and don't really feel like doing dissertation research at the moment i have being filling my vast emptiness of free time this week with random cosplay sessions. Unfortunately i don't have a sewing machine in Cambridge so I've had to do everything so far by hand and i still haven't found the right green fabrics!
However, I've still made pretty good progress. As of now i have fully completed armor, bracers and gloves! yay! XD

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Know - 15th April 2010
we should do a group cosplay

visiting_wizard avatar

visiting_wizard - 23rd April 2010
YESYESYES! i'd really like to do a group avatar cosplay. :)

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 23rd June 2010
AWSOME XD, Suki is brilliant. Will be great to see this in october

fistfighter_tifa avatar

fistfighter_tifa - 9th August 2010
D; I never see large ATLAB groups! Makes me sad! I love Suki <3 it'll look great!

visiting_wizard avatar

visiting_wizard - 11th August 2010
I hope it will! Finally found the fabric for the hakama so should be starting those soon. I've never seen a big ATLAB group either but I'm not sure how many of us there are going to be now since 3 of my friends have defected in favor of Naruto (traitors, lol!)

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Anonymous - 29th August 2010
Wow!!! It's looking great so far!!! :D

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Know - 20th October 2010
so u finished now

visiting_wizard avatar

visiting_wizard - 20th October 2010
Pretty much. Just need to finish painting the fans and put the headdress together. :3
Don't know if I can finish Alicia as well though.

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Emzone - 18th January 2011
Amazing Suki! =D

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 22nd March 2011
I remember seeing this! You looked great!

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Sephirayne - 22nd March 2011
This is really cool. I love the poses in the photos.

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Anonymous - 12th July 2011
Oh wow, that costume is really good and very accurate. You look amazing, well done! :D