Kirari Tsukishima
Kirarin Revolution

Cosplayer: Wiishmaker

Variant: First Live

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th September 2010: bought fabric Bought the fabric today :D Even though it wasn't -perfect-, I'm happy with it and the girl behind the counter was really helpful. It's even got little shiny threads in it as part of the tartan-ness :D It's just a cotton tartany type thing.
I'm using pink chiffon for the ruffly-bits and and pink bits on the outfit.

13th March 2010: nii ¬¬ Went to Lewisham today to get the material I need for Tsumugi which I got, but I thought while I was in there I would look for material suitable for Kirari.. pff. They had nothing. DD: Only the shiny pink crepe-y stuff I'm using fur the overlays which I can buy anywhere so.. fission mailed. BUT I did get really gorgeous gold big star sparkly earrings which are PERFECT for Kirari and also so cute for daily wear (and also for Hanon Hoshou XD) so YAY. XD And they were only £6. Result :D
I'll look around Welling again and if no luck I shall shop online or start looking round markets (I hate markets..)

Dusttee avatar

Dusttee - 2nd March 2010
I'm tempted to make you a na-san plushie XD
Good luck with this (y)

Wiishmaker avatar

Wiishmaker - 2nd March 2010
*O* Please do XDD <33
Yay arigato~

Dusttee avatar

Dusttee - 2nd March 2010
I shall do my best 8D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 24th April 2010
this will be so CUTE >W<

SerenityChibi avatar

SerenityChibi - 1st May 2010
OMG your doing Kirari that is so awsome ^-^
Im going to be doing her Blue dress in October if
I get it done on time ^_^ cant wait to see good luck ^-^

Wiishmaker avatar

Wiishmaker - 2nd May 2010
@SerenityChibi; Thats really awesome! It would be great if you did, spread the Kirarin love~ xD