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Cutest Plushie - FP Manga Night

1st September 2010: Sleeves: DONE...well nearly :3 Oh em gee xD I made two sleeves~! It took 6hrs 8mins in total ( including drawing and cutting them out aswell as handsewing the seams and hemming the ends. )and i kept having breaks every now and again ^^ but I cut that out of the time.
All that's left with them is to sew them to the body part. Which isn't done yet, as i still need more fabric for it.
But I'm really proud of making the sleeves :D they are so comfy too!! >3< I'm glad they have satin fabric underneath lol. Because I couldn't find any white cotton or anything, so had to get satin ( which was cheap still ^^ )which means the satin, as it's too shiny, is going to be underneath and the side which isn't shiny will be showing outside xD if that makes sense. I hope so~! So yeah...satin is comfy =3= and cool~ I hope it doesn't stick to me or alt when i wear it and get too hot though xD gah! That wouldn't be good.

Well I'm uploading images now ^^ hehe~
x ChaRAWR x

30th August 2010: Moar Fabric Needed! Well, it's been a while since my last journal :3 so here's an update;

I have finished it 8D I messed it up slightly, but...well that's my opinion xD others have said it's really good, in fact as soon as I put it on I was drowned in compliments ^///w\\\^ so, I'll take their word for it. But, I am proud that I actually managed to make it xD even if the back bit of the hood where it's attached to the cloak went a bit wrong( the sewing caught the edge of the hood and made it get sewn so that the underneath fabric of the hood shows slightly.. It's hard to explain xD but it isn't that noticeable<3 ) and i cut the cloak really strangely O.o;

I got one that was about £21 in the Market, and ffff~ I freakin love the thing. Everyone thinks it's my real hair x''D it's highlighted but, i think it suits Iggy quite well seeing as in the Manga it's meant to be kinda dark and in the anime it's light ^^ lol I like to mix the anime and manga's variations 8D It makes the character seem more real to me ^^; idk..hard to explain that...but yeah, hopefully you understand :P

GOWN/ROBE thingy 8D
I finally started it :O lol srsly I've been putting it off for far too long xP my friend Jack/James helped me find patterns online and one seems to be working for me ^^! I really hope it comes out okay Dx I modified the pattern so that instead of having to sew the sides together AND the front and back, it's just the sides I'm sewing :3 oh god, all this hand sewing is going to kill me D'x but hopefully it'll be worth it ^^

I'm thinking small brown boots or pumps, but if not, I think barefoot would still work 8D it's just, in the anime, he does have brown shoes on..

AWRIGHT. I think I'm done ;D... why'd I just go all American? O.o
XD thanks for reading~!
x ChaRAWR x

23rd June 2010: update! Hais ^^ so I'm going to finish the cloak off soon, i need to add the hood... oh joy. This better go well! XD;;
I think I've found a good wig in Leeds/town ^^ but it's like £30 D8 so idk yet. But, it's the best i've found, including online tbh :/ I'll try getting a photo to show it and get opinions ^^
Lol that gown is going to kill me, I swear Dx i'm wanting to do a certain detail on the top part at the front. Like, a sewing detail where it looks like it's not sewn tight enough. But idk how on earth to do it! XD Please help meeee.
I might not actually wear shoes for this O.o or maybe flipflops for generally walking around, and take 'em off for photos XD i haz british ones!! 8D

Mmmkay, i think that's it for this update. but yeah ^^ nearly there~ and i have a lot of time to finish it in.
Any suggestions are appreciated ^^!

xx ChaRAWR xx

Satin fabric( probably fake satin XD )- £2 per metre, so £4 all together.
Velvet fabric - £4 per metre, so £8 all together.
Total = £12!
I REALLY do not wanna fail at this now, seeing as £12 to me is still quite a lot xP
SO PLEASE, HELP ME OUT! >.< if you know how to make cloaks ( I think I know how to make that OK, idk if i'll need to take measurements or take 3 separate bits of the fabric and sew them together, as it seems to go around me OK xD I need a hood, though. )or/and gown's( REALLY need help with that, especially with choosing which side of the fabric to use on the outside! And with how to make it fit me measurement wise. ) then i would really appreciate your help if you're willing to give me any! ^_^

x EmosLastKiss x

5th February 2010: Here is the bratz doll cloak.. More photos in the Photos section, too. lol.
I'd like feedback on this pwease XD
BTW it looks orange but that's cuz of lighting and my camera xD but it's red! x3

x ChaRAWR x

31st January 2010: i made a cloak XD ..for a bratz doll.
But it was really hard! i even started getting kinda stressed out about it >_<
But I did it O__o
I used left-overs of the red felt fabric that I had bought for the inside of my Amu bag.
The thing is, it's hard to tie it.
I made holes for the fabric to go through, as if 'tied', but it doesn't work that well..
Do you think a button on my own cloak would be a good idea? As my mum could probably sew it on for me 'XD
x ChaRAWR x
PS: will add images of the cloak, soon!

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 23rd January 2010
Best of luck with this! 8D Can't wait to see the evil/chibiness. XP

(And thanks alot for the comments on my England! #^^#)

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 27th January 2010
I'll see you at MCM :3 and yus, I am going as Miku! Come grab me if you spot me!~

sarmander avatar

sarmander - 27th January 2010
XD Thankyou for all the lovely comments~ <3 I can't wait to see your Iggy! =D

Popsimgirl avatar

Popsimgirl - 3rd February 2010
8D V-Day America is very amused 833!! <3

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 20th July 2010
yayy lookss awesomeeee i likin ur wig!

Enchanting_ELK avatar

Enchanting_ELK - 21st July 2010
8'3 thank you for all the awesome comments everyone~! I can't wait till I finish it :D

Harajuku-Guy avatar

Harajuku-Guy - 21st July 2010
wig is pure win~ 8D
and i had no idea how i did that rainbow thing lol must be the flash on my camera

you look like your ready for scones and cream tea ole chap! XD

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 22nd July 2010
It's looking great! keep it up!

Enchanting_ELK avatar

Enchanting_ELK - 1st September 2010
@Harajuku-Guy >3< thank you! I'm glad you like it! I do too xD
lol xD well it was epicccc! :D
x'D why yes~ after all, one simply can not beat cream tea!

@Artie :D thank youuuu! haha I shall certainly try x//D

Monkey avatar

Monkey - 10th September 2010
Very cute! I look forward to seeing this finished! ^^ (just a little suggestion though, maybe make the wig a little more choppy, cut in a few more layers to give it less of a bob-look maybe? :) )

Hope to catch you at expo! ^^ I'll grab you for photos!

Enchanting_ELK avatar

Enchanting_ELK - 10th September 2010
@Monkey thank you for your feedback ^^! Yeah, i want to, but I'm worried I'll ruin it- I've already cut it a bit so yeah xD but i do agree with you. It's just hard to know what part of the wig I'm cutting i think I should prolly cut the fringe more again, as it's too thick, and cut parts by the ears, and layering...well I'm not entirely sure how I should do that Dx but i do want it messier if layering will help do that :3?
Thankies! 8D i hope you see you too :D and totally!