Ganbare Goemon

Cosplayer: Wiishmaker

Variant: MN:SG (N64)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

21st February 2010: wig D: i have a decision to make, haha..
there is a shop selling wigs the perfect colour. one is 31.5 inches which will finish kind of just before my butt. which is shorter than Yae's hair. And there is one that is 40 inches which is a LOT longer (like to my knees). BUUUT i dont really want another super long wig xD they get tangled and they are a nuisance. it will be tied at the bottom but still..
do i get the long one, for accuracy's sake, or do i get the shorter one for easiness' sake and sod it..?

31st January 2010: Top Bought the fabric and started making the top today. Just gotta hem the sleevey bits and take them in since it had no sleeves. Unsure on how to make the net-bits. i'll be continuing to work on this after school~

Jo took the photo xD

Dusttee avatar

Dusttee - 21st February 2010
I'd go for the shorter one, specially if its the perfect colour.