Queen Serenity
Sailor Moon

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

1st June 2010: May Expo 2010 For a long time I thought I wouldn't make it, but in a final drive I took the Friday off work and got the costume looking finished from the front, so it would be good for photo shoots. In the end I also joined the masquerade group and had such fun! Beryl/Serenity punch-up? In hind-sight, not having the wings, train and bow tails down the back is the best thing for an Expo, it would have got trashed.

The wig curse nearly stopped everything, but in a stroke of luck the final super-long wig turned up in time and actually had a skin top, so I was able to get the entire thing out of one wig; odango buns, tails and base wig. I didn't have time to actually style the base wig, so I cut it to an appropriate length and it looked fairly in character (if a bit choppy).

I love wearing this costume, I found myself still trying to stroke the ponytails long after I'd taken the wig off.

31st May 2010: Bling Spray painted the broach and tiara charm gold. I love how they look here, but I think I sprayed too thickly in one go as there were dents and marks in the paint after travelling to expo. I'm either going to make them again, or sand it all off and try again...probably quicker to just make some new ones and find a good varnish to use at the end.

The tiara charm was glued to thread which was tied to hair grips and pinned under the wig. I will be gluing gold beads onto the thread as well, but for Expo my last minute wig hid everything except the charm anyway.

31st May 2010: Odangos 3 With the buns complete I just had to hot glue the ponytails into the bottom. This is where I realised I hadn't carved as big a hole into the first bun I made, so gluing the hair ends inside had filled it up! I had to take a craft knife and cut out all the excess hair in the middle, faster than making another bun, but hard work getting through all the glue and hair.

From the first time I considered this costume I wanted to make the buns detachable for transport and storage. By tying and gluing a hair clip to the underside of each they can be easily removed from the base wig. In the end this was super handy with all the wig ordering problems and having to use a last minute base wig for Expo.

31st May 2010: Odangos 2 Now the bunch of hair is secure in the top, it can be pulled down the outside in small amounts and hot glued inside the carved out bottom. Fiddly work, this took me ages.

Top Tip: If your finger is wet the glue and hair will stay where you stick it instead of on your finger (you also get a second longer before you burn).

Glue burns as standard, though best to leave it a few seconds before sticking the hair down and keep the actual metal end of the glue gun off the hair, as it will melt through your average wig fibre and leave you with loads of little strands too short to stick inside (hair spray will sort that out as long as it's not too many).

31st May 2010: Odangos 1 I bought some styrofoam spheres in a decent size for the core of my odango buns to keep them light and save on the amount of hair needed.

Using a pen I poked a large hole in the top to hot glue a bunch of hair into. The bottom was chopped off to give a flat base and then carved out inside with a craft knife for space to secure the hair and tuck the ponytails in.

25th May 2010: Moonlight Dresses The dress itself is almost finished. It's fully lined with a boned foundation, Dez would be proud ;) I need to hem it now and attach the bow to the front.

The broach and tiara charm are spray painted and drying at the moment. The areas I sanded down haven't taken the paint as smoothly, so I may try a second layer later.

23rd May 2010: Crafty Stopped putting it off and actually cut up the wig today. I tied off the bunches with strong beading thread before cutting them off and setting the ends. I can't find my glue gun, so I resorted to superglue; it's also watery so it soaks in between all the strands and sets really fast.

For the large moon broach and small moon tiara I've sculpted some air dough, they'll be super light. Takes a few days to harden though, so no spray painting just yet.

Holes are poked in the styrofoam balls ready to weft up next.

16th May 2010: Wearables The main body is done and the foundation is boned! I just need to join all the layers together at the top hem.
Evil dress has managed to find some sauce somehow, ARGH, but it's at the very bottom so I don't have to cry and tear it all up.

The base wig turned up and it was silver instead of white, this costume is so cursed. If the pigtails wig turns up in time I'll sacrifice my Luise wig and cut that up for a base. Though now I appear to be moving house, so this may not make it to Expo anyway :(

8th May 2010: Adjustments I'm starting the outer satin layer today.

The lining and foundation layer is complete. I had some hassle adjusting the top from the pointy boobs of the pattern I used, but it all fits nicely now. I'm planning to add some netting at the bottom of the lining to keep the dress fluffed out.

I've ordered two wigs to build her pigtails, and they should arrive the week before Expo at the latest (I really hope I can get them styled in a week).

26th April 2010: Freebies! After digging around in the cupboard I found 3.5m of white lining fabric my sister gave me as leftovers years ago. Finally I have a use for it!

So I've started the main dress with the lining, this way I can work out any tweaks where it won't show and have more practice sewing the fiddly bits before I do the proper satin outer layer.

This stuff is a real pain to sew, I think I'll stick to cotton lining if I need to buy in future...but this is free so I'll put up with it and go slow :)

22nd December 2009: Basics I did some research looking over the designs and other cosplayers work. I think the best way to get the effect is a close fitting dress in a structured fabric with the extra light fabric and train comming from the bow at the back. Trying to add the sweeping fabric into the base dress loosens the shape over the hips.

I've bought a base pattern of a lovely figure hugging style dress that flares from the knees. The sillouette is spot on, it will only need some alterations to the top. I already have 3m of duchess satin in the cupboard, though I think I'll need more than this; time for logistics.

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Anonymous - 4th December 2009
You are going to look absolutely gorgeous in this, can't wait to see it. :D

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 4th December 2009
Silver hair, slinky dress - things Amy looks lovely in :)

angel aiko avatar

angel aiko - 22nd December 2009

ohhhhh i so need to work on the mum jokes :x

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Anonymous - 17th May 2010
this is going to look so awesome! :)
and I'll get working on that volcano so you can get your wigs! >:D

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Lolita Hime - 25th May 2010
looks absolutly georgous

Debbie Ella avatar

Debbie Ella - 26th May 2010
Oh bloody hell! *stunned*

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KhaosKreator - 26th May 2010
The dress looks really well tailored- nice job!


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Ninodog - 26th May 2010
i am so proud!

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 26th May 2010
Wow this is so beautifull. Well done, it really is so neat and nicely put together. With much love no doubt. ^_^ You are gonna look amazing.

SamanthaKaiba avatar

SamanthaKaiba - 26th May 2010
this outfit looks amazing at the moment ^_^

GunstarVixen avatar

GunstarVixen - 26th May 2010
wow such a fab job! it's looks perfect!

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sjbonnar - 31st May 2010
You looked stunning!

perfectly_purple avatar

perfectly_purple - 31st May 2010
You looked faaaan-tastic!!! <3 I had such fun being in the group with you! ^_^

SephNoir avatar

SephNoir - 31st May 2010
You looked absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful dress!

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k4tt - 31st May 2010
OMG, I saw you in the masquerade. I remember thinking to myself just how amazing you looked out there!! Great Job on the dress!! Absolutely stunning!!

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 1st June 2010
loved seing this in the masquerade amy !

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 1st June 2010
This was so pretty! I only saw this briefly, but it looked so elegant on you! I love how you managed to shape the dress just right. And I also love how the odangos can pop on and off xD I thought it was really cute when people were attaching them onto you XD

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Mighty Odango - 2nd June 2010
Man I loved this. I really can't think of anything else to say, it was just perfect.

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Uni - 3rd June 2010
Stunning!: O

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Anonymous - 11th June 2010
Giiiiiiiiiiiiirl this is amazing!!!

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Ranma1-2 - 23rd June 2010
You all looked so Beautifull! I Really loved your stage performance too. ^_^

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Freyarule - 23rd June 2010
I loved this group anf your dress looks amazing! <3

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Amy-Lou - 16th July 2010
Thank you so much for the lovely comments everyone. I'm hoping I can add the finishing touches for the Ame ball, but either way she will be back soon :)

@CrystalNeko: Kat was a fantastic odango helper! Off the wig they look like little creatures sat on the desk XD

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No thanks - 28th April 2011
That dress is simply stunning, I'm gutted I haven't been able to see this in person! you look so elegant in it.