Joshima Ken
Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Cosplayer: Odd-One-Out

Variant: Kokuyo Jr. High

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Felixize - 31st January 2008
Aw! Ken~! It really is too bad about not being able to go to Ame! We need more Kokuyou students for the group!

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Anonymous - 17th March 2008
Oooo, Ken ^_^
I'm really looking forward to seeing pic of this, Ken is awesome.

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Odd-One-Out - 18th March 2008
I've been told I should do one of his animal modes, but I forgot which one the person requested so... -.-'

Mhm, it would be excellent for a revamped Reborn! shoot with added Chikusa and Ken, plus you with 1/1 scale Enzio + water ;D

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Kai - 22nd March 2008
Good to see more Reborn cosplay ^_^
Thanks for your comments on Gackt and Lambo. I've almost finished Lambo, just got to finish the shirt.

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Anonymous - 15th May 2008
Ohh men with hairclips FTW! X3
Yes, cosplaying him in an animal mode would be a great twist on the costume.
Looking forward to seeing pics of this!
Thanks for the comment on Gokudera; unfortunately I can’t make it to any London Expos this year (Only the Midlands one). Maybe I’ll do a different version of him for next year, I would love to meet more Reborn fans :3

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sarmander - 29th May 2008
WAI Ken!! Can't wait to see him when he's finished. ^__^ <3 (I have such a soft spot for the unruly, animalistic guys....*_* )

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Ino - 6th June 2008
I think you're gonna make a great Ken! And you'll have a lot of fun being craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy I'm sure XDD

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Ino - 6th June 2008
Waha! You MUST show me pictures when you do your photo shoot (I adore Mukuro and his gang ... especially Pinapple-Head XD). Not sure when I'll have Bel finished, all I have so far is the wig :S But I'll do my best to get it done!

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Mocha-Berrytan - 30th June 2008
Gah, you make me want to cosplay someone from Reborn D:
I've only watched a couple of episodes but it's so freaking awesome XD

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sarmander - 30th June 2008
OH MY GOD you look amazing!! That is some fantastic makeup you've got there, too! =D

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koorinokisaki - 1st July 2008
WAAAAAAAH! You look so awesome! The scar thingy looks very real in the photos!

Can't wait for the Reborn photoshoot!!!!!!!! XDXDXD

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Anonymous - 2nd July 2008
Aah!! *glomp* I wish you could make it to Oct's Expo! >o<

Your cosplays are so awesome!!!

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Anonymous - 3rd July 2008
OMG the Photos! *giggles at the broken channel one*
You make an awesome Ken! Great use of make-up! You got all the little details spot on X3

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Anonymous - 6th July 2008
I can't believe Anna stole Chikusa part *doh* awesome pics ^^ will I ever get to fight you?

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nanahara - 9th July 2008
this cosplay looks great, will look forward to seeing it at kitacon

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Spinni - 10th July 2008
Wow this looks great! ;D Best cosplay of Ken I've seen.

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Mocha-Berrytan - 28th July 2008

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Anonymous - 29th July 2008
Awesome :3

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Anonymous - 2nd August 2008
Kokuyo BIIIMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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goodbyeworld - 12th November 2008
Best Ken ever your majesty ^^

Odd-One-Out avatar

Odd-One-Out - 13th November 2008

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BladeyCakes - 12th May 2009
You're such an epic Ken! Great cosplay 8D

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katsarayuki - 7th September 2009
gaspeth the pineapple king lol such a funny photo. You are awesome it's nice to ee people putting an effort in KHR cosplay you just made my day awesome photos =3

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Darkiekun - 26th January 2010
nya! *ken snuggle* :D I wish I could meet you as Ken XD We could have Twins then haha