Storm Hawks

Cosplayer: Luki

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

29th October 2010: Cosplay at 2am Sit rep:

Mask - done
Gloves - done
Armour pieces - drying
Belt - in progress
Feet - in progress

Stupid foam is taking forever to dry...

28th October 2010: Getting Ahead Okay, its not the prettiest thing - and REALLY thought it would turn out better than it did.

Had to make a spandex hood from lycra, then cut out the shapes I needed in carboard, which were used to cut out the foam. I hunted ebay for months to find a lime green pvc, and used ivory foam for the undermouth.

For the eyes, I used the yellow fabric from Boa Hancock's remnants, a circle of electrical tape and some yellow acetate.

I didn't want to buy a really expensive wig since I knew I would be hacking it to pieces, so thats a dirt cheap witch's wig - which I kind of regret since A) it looks cheap and tacky, and B) its not ALL OVER my kitchen T_T But at least it appears to have kept the shape.

27th October 2010: Gloves at 49% I always knew all that extra blue acetate from Pronyma would be useful one day...

One hand complete. No thumb (gonna use face paint instead, the motor skills of the fingers is pretty awful so really need one free) and still needs the stud but otherwise done. Fingers are prepared for the second one so will have that complete tomorrow.

25th October 2010: Headcase Green hood stitched up and mask now in all the pieces I need (save ears). Can't stick on pvc just yet though due to my buckram not being see through and having to wait for my acetate to get here. Looks great when I put it together though.

Bought a cheap wig so need to buy a few extensions to get his triangle hair just right.

23rd October 2010: Jumpsuit finished Thought I would have this done by mid-afternoon - ended up taking me about 10 hours through some inexplicable time warping.

All of the patches are now attached, though some look kinda terrible due to my sowing machine having multiple disagreements with my invisible thread after discovering I hadn't gotten the right thread for the dark brown chunks. And haven't put the second collar on due to it failing twice. Regarldess, they're now all on and just need the external accessories (the giant X, multiple studs and some hand sewn black patchwork.

Wanted to start the shoes today, but its just taken too long today to start. Head mould though is now painted and ready for me to start making the mask (yes, I'm REALLY behind schedule - since when is this news?)

18th October 2010: Working with PVC Have I mentioned how much I HATE working with pvc fabric? It hates to be hemmed (I ended up using electric tape as a shortcut), and its an uphill struggle to get it through a sowing machine. That said, I did, and I now have two shoulder pads plus the 3 brown patches (with normal fabric) on my suit. The main piece has suffered yet another setback so will have to start again.

16th October 2010: Really should have started this sooner... Since Boa has done nothing but drive me crazy, I finally got round to starting Stork. Rae was MIA all day so the mask has had to be put aside (again) and worked on the body.

Front fabric is REALLY hard to cut, especially without my proper scissors, and even harder to hem. Ended up not doing either and stitching to another fabric to 'fix' the issue. Whether or not it works is another story. Was going to get out the machine, but roommates turn in the living room.

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Anonymous - 20th January 2010
Oh, you must do this! I'd love to see a SH costume in person! I'm commissioning a Storm Hawks costume (Starling in my case and I'm getting a plushie of Repton to carry around since I don't know anyone who's cosplaying him) and it'll be debuting at Kitacon.

It'd be nice to have a Storm Hawks cosplay group for Kita or May Expo (at least May Expo isn't clashing with an anime con, they moved their dates to clash with Fuyucon last October)

Xigalicious avatar

Xigalicious - 18th June 2010
ahh i LOVE stork <3
please do this *_*

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MikeJenks - 19th June 2010
Ffffffffffffffff I can't wait to see this!

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 20th June 2010
Stork is amazing
Cannot wait to see this!

Zomboi avatar

Zomboi - 26th October 2010