Tales of Vesperia

Cosplayer: Digi

Variant: Normal

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

28th July 2009: jacket done! Jacket is done!!!!! DX finally! the shirt is dyed too! so now i need to do the belt, the wig and to make the sword! will make belt today hopefully :) pics to come soon of jacket etc

28th July 2009: good progress! right! the coat is nearly 100% i just need to cut the final back logo out and stitch it on :3 should take 20 minutes, which i'll do tomorrow.

With regards to the shirt i'm going to be dying a shirt, since i can't find a grandad shirt locally XD well not a decent one for cheap :P so i'm using a cheap primark collared shirt, cutting the collar and making it shorter, so i can then dye it pink tomorrow! >
Now the wig... I realised today my wig i originally planned to use for raven is too short so i bought a new one today D: more money that i don't have!!

but yeah good progress! will post photos tomorrow of the coat and shirt when done!

25th July 2009: phew! the most difficult part, the jacket is almost done, i just need to do the bits of felt now. but otherwise yeah really proud of the jacket atm!

24th July 2009: oh ho ho seems like my current phots don't do the fabric colour justice?

well at the moment the jacket is 50% done, the collar needs to be attatched but i have no decent yellow thread so that needs to bought :D, so collar followed by the felt shapes. not much left to do now :333

23rd July 2009: progress! 've done a little tonight! finishing work at 9pm is not usually good for making cosplay, so early night tonight and try to geta little sewing done! the fabric is cut out for the main body, tomorrow i'll be stitching up parts of the jacket, and measuring off the sleeve joins, still wondering how i'll be doing the weird shape XD

21st July 2009: Begin! Started costume today! sleeves aredone now i just need to do the rest XD which basically is the coat and everything! XDD the collar will be a bitch but i'll see what i can do today!!

kiichan avatar

kiichan - 21st July 2009
Hooray! :D

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 25th July 2009
Yes Raven! 8D
Can't wait to see this done~!

Dark_Angel_15 avatar

Dark_Angel_15 - 27th April 2011
Woo Nice Raven!!! are you going to London Expo this may?