Kingdom Hearts II

Cosplayer: picklesofdoom

Variant: Twilight Town

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

9th August 2009: HALLLP! Yes..


Finished Roxas' Jacket today......then I drop my paint brush on it leaving Black paint splodges all over the back....NOT A HAPPY BUNNY.

I hope it'll come out. The checkers are all set so shouldn't wash off if I give it a good't believe that happened though :(

2nd July 2009: Woohoo! Well. Roxas is pretty much done for no more than £14. The zip-up black top was something I had already thanks to an old work uniform :) and I've the perfect trousers which just need amending. WOOhoOO!

Got the material for the trouser bottoms monday, the jacket is almost complete (save for a few bits and pieces) plus the wristband, finger things and necklacethingymawotsit arrived the otherday. So its all good to go.

Just got to finish the race for life in July dressed as Princess Peach then I can use Peach's wig for Roxas (woohoo saves time and money!) It'll be a while yet til I cosplay as her again so I can always style her another wig at a later date.

Will upload pics soon once I've got my bluetooth adaptor back from the deep dark depths of my bedroom......

x ttfn x

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Freyarule - 3rd July 2009
Aww man, makes me want to come with you to Aya as your Namine <3 xDD

But I can't.....unless you ring up my mum and persuade her? 8DD

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Freyarule - 10th August 2009
oh noes!! D: I'm so sorry to hear about the splodges T-T I hope they wash out, I mean it should be alright as you didn't set them :3

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picklesofdoom - 11th August 2009

theres a faded mark which won't come out. I've painted over it lightly with white fabric paint to fade it even more. Just kicking myself because its a stupid thing to do and right after i'd finished the whole cosplay... :(

The wigs finished though :)

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Freyarule - 15th November 2010


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picklesofdoom - 17th November 2010
I have no pictures. Or at least I can find one but its rubbish.

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Freyarule - 17th November 2010