Snow White
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Cosplayer: TheStarlightFairy

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

24th November 2020: Bodice almost done! I'm so happy with it c:
It looks wrinkly here because the top layer isn't sewn down, and I was moving around a lot trying to get a picture of it on.
Sleeves are in progress but I'm taking a break from them as stitching criss-cross lines is tedious.

19th November 2020: Slowly slowly getting closer to completion!
The bodice is almost done, I'm just putting in the zip before starting work on the sleeves!

My plan for the sleeves is to embroider criss-cross lines over red velvet, possibly quilting it? Then I'll stitch pearls onto where the lines cross before adding floating interfaced strips of light blue satin over the top. Not sure if I'm going to add trim or embroidery to these strips, I think I'll see how it looks as I go!

I'm so excited to be reaching the finish line for this costume, I'll have actually completed something this year??

18th November 2020: Had a go at a makeup test last week! Snow's face and general look are very different from mine so I was very worried that I wouldn't suit her with my long angular face!
The wig needs work, it's a Coscraft Bernie in Natural Black. I plan to re-curl it to tighten the curls more and if that isn't enough, add more wefts. It's not accurate to Snow's hairstyle but again it's a case of trying to find a look that suits me!
Flower crown is a stand-in until I make her classic hair bow

15th November 2020: Using simplicity 4092 (the elizabeth swan style dress), I'm making the bodice out of a really lush upholstery velvet! It's lined with yellow floral print cotton and interlined with herringbone coutil, with flat steel boning.
I've added some ribbon loop lacing to the waist of the bodice for decoration and so I can pull my waist in slightly for a better silhouette.

On the front panel I've done some hand embroidery in gold thread, using the design of the skirt of the d23 LE doll as inspiration

4th November 2020: So I've been planning Snow White for years now, and while doing a cosplay clear-out during lockdown I found my Princess Sara costume! I still adore the fabrics I used for the skirt of that costume so I'm re-purposing the skirt for this cosplay!

First thing I did was replace the back panel in the satin underskirt so the fabrics matched, then pinking-sheared all the seams to make them nice and neat. On the over skirt I redid the seams entirely as french seams. I re-pleated the satin skirt and regathered the overskirt to reduce the bulk at my waist before tacking them back together again.
Next job I shortened both skirts so they were ankle-length, and hemmed the satin skirt with horsehair braid to give it more body and flounce. Finally I replaced the zip and waistband.

I'm really happy with how it came out, I love the shape!