NieR: Gestalt/Replicant

Cosplayer: Yumidun

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

WCS 2020 Swedish Qualifier

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

29th November 2020: Also tried out some mockups of skirts, since I’ll probably be making a new one. Kinda stuck where I want to go on this one as I want flare but also want it to hug my waist... many trial and errors but we’ll see how it goes

29th November 2020: Finally finishen the invisible strap arrangement on the bra part of the dress!

23rd November 2020: Since the last twist thing didn't turn out too well I'm trying out something new again! This time thinner fabric but some padding to try and keep the shape!

17th November 2020: After tightening and moving the seams the shoes are much more snug to the shoe!

17th November 2020: Did some modifying on the shoe covers for Kainé!

2nd November 2020: Tried out making a new twisty thing but obviously it didn't work so gonna have to remake it

1st November 2020: Added some cosclay to the shoes top change the shape of the strappy part!