Shield (Female Trainer)
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Cosplayer: TheStarlightFairy

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

12th October 2019: Accessories The socks and hat were ordered from eBay. I added the design with felt and made a yarn pompom to go on the hat c:

9th October 2019: Bag The bag was made completely from scratch with faux suedette fabric, faux leather details, craft cotton lining and some notions I felt would make it look more 'authentic', such as little pegs on the base and a tuck-lock clasp!

There are even pockets inside, one zippy one and one plain one c:

8th October 2019: Dress Using a pattern I bought on sale, I made this out of a thick 'dress' fabric from work (it feels like a heavier version of poloshirt fabric?)
I added a fitted waistband to the pattern so it sits better under the jumper, though I may swap this out for elastic.
The buttons are self cover buttons, but the dress actually fastens with poppers

8th October 2019: Jumper The jumper/cardigan was knitted by my mum out of Aran wool! We bought a knitting pattern and she altered the cabling to match the design on the jacket.
I had planned to learn to knit so I could make it myself but I don't have the time to learn a new craft atm so she very kindly did it for me c: