Sharon Apple
Macross Plus

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Info High

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th November 2019: Wig Assembled The wig bangs are styled up into retro points with Got2B spray and a hairdryer and the fin wire is poked through the wig cap and curled in a circle to form a base against my head.
The fin is bigger than planned because I didn't account for the hair added on top. Templates need to be a bit undersized if trying this again.

3rd November 2019: Hair Fin I've never done any structural wig work before. A hair fin....where to start?
I dug through the stash and found 2mm craft foam and felt sheets in a similar purple to the wig. The felt was thinner so I went with felt sandwiched over a wire as the base structure.

Next the felt shape was covered in wig hair. I really struggled with this, the hair just wasn't sticking to the felt, tangling up and forming lots of white glue spots. At this point I went back to the internet and found this tutorial by Cowbutt Crunchies -
The problem was I wasn't using enough glue so it was drying too quickly to shape; slapping on lots of glue made it much easier. Though I'll have to live with the frizzy bits still in there from the first attempt, I feel a lot less scared of wig work!

27th October 2019: Hair Colours For the two tone wig I ordered a Deep Purple Kitt wig and Purple wefts from Coscraft. Replaced the bottom two rows at the back with Purple wefts and added extra Purple wefts up the sides and along the underside of the front so the whole underneath of the wig is the brighter colour.

19th March 2019: Necklace 2 It was really hard to shape the single layer of Worbla for the necklace. The result looked too thin, bumpy and especially uneven around the gem where it had imprinted the edge of the backing scrap, so I decided to give it another go. I also re-backed the gem in foil at this point as I'd put it into the first necklace too soon after painting it so there were silver patches showing through where it had been pressed on.

This time the main layer is standard Worbla covered in smooth Worbla. With the backing running all the way round the edges round off nicely and there's no ridge to show through behind the gem. The hole for the gem is smaller to account for stretching and that made a big difference to the curve around the gem.

23rd February 2019: Necklace For the gems I had a large clear cabochon left over from Bioshock and a half pearl left over from Philia which were the perfect sizes. Painted them both up with red nail polish and foil backed the cabochon.

Worked out a pattern for the necklace and made it from smooth Worbla, then held the gem in with a scrap of standard Worbla on the back.
The headpiece was also smooth and standard Worbla sandwiched together around the gem with a hole in the top so I can hang it from the wig. I also shaped it to my forehead when it was cool enough to touch, so it will sit flatter.

22nd February 2019: Sleeves and Gloves I already had long black gloves and some fake talons, so I trimmed the glove down and painted the talons gold before glueing them to the glove (thank goodness I can take it off to hold a drink).

The arm wrap is a stretchy jersey with silicone tape in the top and the arm band is silicone tape on elastic.

21st February 2019: Wrist Bands The wrist bands are a base layer of standard worbla with two panels of smoother worbla for the raised layers.
Firstly the two layers were heat bonded together flat, then I shaped them around a Pringles tube. At this point it was really clear the proportions that had looked good laid out flat looked way too chunky rolled up, so I cut down both ends to be a better ratio.
Next I heated them up again and waited until they were comfortable to touch but still movable to shape them more to my wrists. The structure mostly worked, but at the edges it tried to warp at the point where there is only one layer.

Primed with two layers of PVA glue and painted with gold acrylic before coating with gold paste. The middle band and inside were then painted with matt black acrylic.

20th February 2019: More Earrings Once it was cool the worbla was lifted off the foil and cut to shape with a craft knife to give the tapered middle.
The surface was painted with iridescent nail polish and hoops were added to the backs with small loops of worbla.

19th February 2019: Sculpting Earrings The earrings constantly change size and chunkiness from frame to frame, so I went with one on the chunky scale that would be less fragile.

Initially I planned to model them out of resin clay, but during sculpting I realised getting all the ends even was super hard just for one cross let alone three.
Change of plan; I could sculpt the 4 points separately and form pearly worbla over the top. I'd have more chance of getting the points right and all three crosses would be the same!

Once I had the 4 points I spaced them out to the size I wanted on double sided tape and stuck the tape to the desk so they'd stay in place while the worbla is being pressed around them. The whole lot was covered in foil to stop the worbla sticking and then I draped hot worbla over the top and poked it into place. I forgot the thickness of the worbla would take up some of the space between the points so they aren't as far apart as I'd planned, but I was able to use a hair grip to get into all the nooks and press it firmly down to shape.

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 27th December 2019
Wow! Well done Amy-Lou, there is so much creating in this costume. I love your progress journals. Shows brilliantly how you make stuff. And we can all learn from that. You have so many cosplay skills under your belt.

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 3rd January 2020
Thank you so much!
I hope the journals help people. Having them to look back on really helps me remember tips and pitfalls too.