Lina Inverse
Slayers Next

Cosplayer: Lady Oni

Variant: Otome no Inori

Status: Complete

Condition: Needs repairs

5th April 2020: Costume complete No proper photos exist yet and just decided to try it on for fun :) Minus the shoes and gloves.

23rd October 2019: Under skirt 2 Since taking this photo I also added a second layer of lace :)

23rd October 2019: Under skirt Formed of 3 x 1 1/2 tulle circle skirts and is trimmed to be even.

I found some lace to make the top layer prettier but it was a bit too thick so I sectioned it in half. Now it's the perfect width :)

10th October 2019: Skirt patterned It is currently pinned until I can have access to my sewing machine and it is made of the equivalent to 2 circle skirts. I used some spare fabric to make a very rough mock up to get an idea for how much fabric I will need. I folded the main fabric and pinned some string and a pen to the top centre point to make a perfect semi circle. Due to needed fabric for other parts of the costume and wanting more poof I also patterned a half skirt and 2 quarter skirts. In my previous costume I just sewn some long rectangles and i think I had done a sucky knife pleat. This skirt is designed to drape x'D Already much happier.

9th October 2019: 10 years later! You know these 'Draw this again' or 'Draw again after 10 years' challenges you see everywhere? I thought I'd do a 10 years later sewing challenge to see how far I came as a cosplayer.

I have to push Volpina back due to health reasons so I have plenty of Spandex for the bodice and a year ago my local store had white tulle on sale so I just stored it away ready. I began making some circle skirts out of it for some poof for the main skirt. They are baste stitched for now until my sewing room gets cleaned up as it's being used for storage for house renovations. Should be back in use soon but the stress of being behind with Costober did push me to do some patterning in the living room and my bedroom.

Last time I used anti-static polyester lining and cheap satin for the skirt, bow and trim. This time I am using luscious Crepe back Duchess Satin :p Makes me wanna redo Ranka Lee with that sort of thing.