Ana Amari

Cosplayer: Lady-Aira

Variant: Cabana Ana

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

5th April 2019: Sun hat finished! I am so proud of this hat -^^- Even if the rest of this project turns out naff - the hat is a winner!

So here's a step by step picture guide from reference, to wire cage, building up the hat! :D

22nd February 2019: Sum hat exoskeleton! Taken a break from painting panels as I had to restart and my brain was just ^^; So I've begun making the base for my sun hat! The skeleton is made from 2mm craft wire and sits quite comfortably! The next step is to cover it in batting to make a more solid base shape :D Wish me luck!

11th January 2019: First time appliquing! I decided to use an applique technique for the diamond panels ^^ I've never actually done this before so it was a learning curve! The material that has been used for the diamonds is left over heavy duty cotton from Combat Medic Ziegler. I bonded it to the trouser panels then stitched it in place! I hid the stitching with the golden trim which I hand stitched in place ^^

super proud of how it looks!

18th December 2018: Stenciling and Painting Do you ever start something and think 'urgh why was this a good idea?!' ^^;

So I've finished making my stencil and patterning out the design on the fabric, now it's panting time! This is gonna be a lengthy process and probably take me in to the new year ^^;

3rd December 2018: Cutting Fabrics So tonight I've started transferring the patterns over to the actual fabric I'm using! Starting with the top half as it needs the least amount of altering. Have already cut the pieces and added the extra strip of material down the front, complimenting it with a slightly darker bias binding tape :)

26th November 2018: Mock up completed! So seeing as this is a personal project to strengthen my skills, I actually made a mock up! I never do this X3 But it has taught me lots of things, such as there's multiple way to do the elasticated bands on the legs and what part of my stitches I need to improve ^^ There's a few little tweaks I need to make (such as making it a whole size smaller!) Otherwise we're good to go on the actual fabric :D