Sailor Pluto
Sailor Moon

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Victorian Ball

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

18th October 2018: Gloves Not as long as I'd like, these are the gloves from my old Eternal Pluto costume and I've added three tiers of black lace for the banding effect round the top.

15th October 2018: Buttons The eternal design uses yellow stars at the choker, waist and boots. As it wouldn't work on the choker for this dress, I painted yellow stars with gold nail varnish to get a tone that fitted the look better and used them to replace the shank buttons down the front of the collar.

11th October 2018: Tiara To fit in with the dress I wanted to try a wire tiara rather than anything chunky. The main shape is 0.8g copper wire and the black star was tied on with 0.2g all styled to a paper curve template. The loops are then fixed by chain to hair clips so it can be fixed under the wig.
The earrings are taken straight from my old Eternal Pluto cosplay.

9th October 2018: Waspie Details To hide the yellow ribbon I added a black velvet ribbon round the middle and to mirror the star broach I fixed a star shaped button to the front which had been painted gold to stand out.

8th October 2018: Waspie As the dress is full length I want to space out the features, so rather than making a burgundy bow at the collar I'm going to move it down and have a waspie.
I nearly started making one before realising Machi's obi was the right colour, a fairly similar shape and has a bow attachment on the back.
The bow was made with the cream lace cut off the bottom of the dress earlier, extended to three layers to hang longer than the Eternal design.

4th October 2018: Choker The neck strap was covered in black bias to look like the choker, I'm not going to put the star on as the buckle is already ornate.
To finish the sailor collar effect I added black lace trim round the outside so the white trim now mirrors the white stripe from the Eternal design.

3rd October 2018: Skirt Ruffles To make more of a difference between the top and bottom ruffles (black and silver on the Eternal design) I removed the lace overlay from the top layer.
Leaving an inch of lace behind and adding a black lace trim on top helped separate it off from the rest of the dress and mirrors the black and silver waist ribbons from the Eternal design.

2nd October 2018: Colour Swap To give the effect of the black sailor collar I coloured the white lace at the neck to black with fabric paint.

1st October 2018: Key Print Fabric I bought a dress on eBay for this amazing key print fabric. However, when it arrived it actually fitted so the Pluto ball dress project was started!
It has little cap sleeves and two tiers of ruffles on the bottom, so I'm going to style it on the Eternal Sailor Pluto design, with cream lace instead of silver as the contrasting colour.

KuroStylr avatar

KuroStylr - 10th November 2018
This looked so lovely! And tied into the character so well!