Animal Crossing New Leaf

Cosplayer: LittleRecordGirl

Variant: Spring/Summer

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

3rd November 2018: Outfit Progress I had been wanting to cosplay Isabelle for a few years now but found it difficult to get a hold of a gingham fabric print that matched her own. I could've purchased fabric from Spoonflower, where people had created her fabric pattern as a print available to buy, but I didn't have room in my budget for that amount of accuracy.

To keep the costs low, I hunted for a gingham printed shirt on eBay to use as a base, where I then attached a bottle green fleece fabric via bondaweb around the collar (which I cut into the correct shape beforehand), down the front and for the fake pockets. The top original had buttons, to I cut each one off and handstitched in their place to the vest kept its shape.

The shirt I already had, and the bow was this lovely ribbon from Hobbycraft which I burnt the edges to avoid fraying.

I bought two large white buttons and glued them onto the vest, while also making a few stitches to secure them in place.

3rd November 2018: Props To keep to my small budget, I wanted to make props using supplies I already had laying around. I had a lot of yellow fleece fabric laying around and it reminded me instantly of the bell bags from Animal Crossing so I decided to make one as a prop. This just involved making a circle and a rectangular strip, and sewing them together using a blanket stitch. I purchased a brown star embellishment from ebay, then used my sewing machine to sew around the edges to give it an embroidery look. I only wish I used a thicker thread for the prop as using a basic sewing machine thread can be too thin for plushie type products. The stuffing I used was from a pillow that I wanted to bin anyway, and the ribbon was the same as I used for the necktie and the wig, so that they all matched. I made sure to not sure a cheap silk ribbon to make Isabelle look more professional. I also made a last minute additional prop of her Smash Bros Ultimate letter that can be seen in the trailer for Isabelle being a new playable addition to the newest Smash Bros game. I printed off the 'wax seal' logo onto sticker backed paper and attached the letter to my clipboard I had on the day.

3rd November 2018: Wig Styling: Before & Now As I planned to cosplay Isabelle before, I had started the wig before. The wig, as I found it, was looking very sad - which is not surprising as no matter how many years its been since I've started cosplaying, I am awful at styling wigs. I chose specifically not to go down the route of making dog ears for the cosplay, as I personally didn't like that look and so the pigtail attachments were meant to be representative of her ears instead. I only wish I re-curled them to make them tighter and therefore shorter, but I was still happy with the wig I chose! I restyled a loop on the wig, to represent her bob, and used the ribbon to create the red collar on her design. I then used transparent plastic thread to attach two jingle bells. The only bells I could find that were the correct size were Christmas craft supplies, so they do have star shapes which aren't accurate but it's a detail you can't really see.

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 9th November 2018
N'awww... What an adorable interpretation. You've been doing some particularly cute costumes and characters as of late with Roll, Chii and Isabelle.