NPC: "Library Girl With Pigtail"
Final Fantasy VIII

Cosplayer: BillieBlouse

Variant: Balamb Gardens SeeD Cadet Uniform

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

21st November 2019: DEADLINE: Minamicon 2020 Of course I went down with the lurgy in the only 3 weeks I had free to work on cosplay before Hibanacon. Of course I did. Thank you compromised immune system... If I don't have this finished by March 2020, Angelphie officially has permission to publicly shame me for my many failures. I literally just need to sew the skirt and jacket together now. it's not hard, but apparently I hate sewing now. Brain, why?

8th October 2019: Pattern Cutting Progress: Patterning Magic Met my goal for today, cut out all the pattern pieces for the jacket and lining. ... [Image: Navy cotton drill pattern pieces for a cropped military jacket laid out on a beige carpet.]

7th October 2019: Completed Bow: Smashing Pumpkins (& Costober Goals) Hand-sewed the bow pieces together and then stitched on a brooch back pin. My fingers are a bit sore because a) I still have a lot of problems with fine dexterity and motor control, b) chronic joint pain that's worst in my weird banana-fingers; and c) I'm allergic to nickel, in a world where most hand sewing needles/dressmaking pins are still nickel-plated. Took me a couple of episodes of House after tea tonight to get done. ... [Image: Yellow cotton bow tie lying on a beige carpet.]

6th October 2019: Jacket Progress Costober Progress Goal for Week 3-5: October 31st, this is going to take the most time and work and I will not be mad if I don't actually 100% finish it during Costober around other stuff I need to work on; I have several emergency back-up plans. Ideally, I want to be done by Hibanacon, but if it's not ready until Minamicon 2020, I'll count that as a win! ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. A doodled on mock jacket in white cotton, missing 1 sleeve.]

5th October 2019: Bias Binding Progress Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Sunday 13th, I want to get the Binding on the skirt done and jacket cuffs and shoulder panels at least started. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Other Materials, from left to right - several types of glue (Bostik all-purpose, some Fabric Glue and Aleene's Leather Glue), glass headed pins and a bag of quilting clips above the WIP shoulder panels (silver HTV on grey cotton drill), many packets of silver faux leather bias binding and 4 SeeD Crest Patches.]

4th October 2019: Skirt Progress Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Friday 11th, I want to get the skirt base cut and sewn so I can move onto the binding. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Materials for the jacket and skirt, from left to right - 2 navy/silver zips (short and long), folded navy fabric and Guterman navy/silver thread and glass head pins, pattern info printout and folded silver viscose lining fabric, wide, navy elastic.]

3rd October 2019: Pattern Drafting Progress Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Tuesday 8th, I've done a mock and altered the commercial pattern to actually fit me, so now I just need to cut out the real thing. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. Altered and doodled on paper Pattern.]

2nd October 2019: Bow Tie Progress Costober Completion Goal for Week 2: Monday 7th, all I need to do is hand sew it together and add a brooch back. ... [Image: Laid out on a beige carpet. The pieces of a bright yellow cotton bow surrounded by, clockwise from top to bottom left - plastic bags of silver brooch backs, blue/white snips, a floral and white, vintage, patchwork needle case, 2 spool of yellow Guterman cotton thread (1 nearly empty, one full), glass-headed pins.]

1st October 2019: Costober 2019 So, I worked on this really hard and consistently for about 3-4 months at the end of last year/start of this year, realised my time-frame was unrealistic as it was far more work than it looked like it was... and then I rage quit when I got to the "easy bit". So, after a break to stop hating it so much, I'm picking it up again as my main Costober 2019 Project - about a year on from when I decided to make it in the first place!

... My Goals for Week 1 are: 1. Find & sort out all the materials so I can order anything that's still missing with enough time for it to arrive for when I plan to work on each stage. 2. Update this Journal with a representation of Progress to date (I plan to make a full Progress Book once the project is completed, which I'll link somewhere on the journal or description).

... [Image: A chaotic pile of cosplay supplies, pattern pieces and a Jacket mock spilling out of a cardboard box on a beige carpet.]

4th October 2018: Motivation The SeeD Cadet Uniform has been on my Dream Cosplays list since before I knew what Cosplay even was. Sadly a full military style school uniform was beyond 10-year-old me's limited sewing skills for a Halloween costume, but 30-year-old me is fully planning on embracing that dream. I have this weird thing where my favourite character in a given media source or series always ends up being some sort of random NPC or a background character that's only in one scene of a film for 10 seconds. I don't do it on purpose, I just find the side quests and the easter eggs and the throwaway jokes far more hilarious and/or interesting than the main plotline most of the time. I'm gonna to own it - and at least for big groups I won't be fighting over who gets to be the main Player Characters because I will usually want to be the "Monster of the Day" that nobody else remembers, but I love it and that's what cosplay is supposed to be about. Crafting and wearing something for the joy of it all. When I went on my quest to cosplay at least one thing from every FF game from I to X (everything after that is dead to me, sorry not sorry), I really struggled to find a character that I wanted to actually Cosplay that wasn't a recurring monster that I'd already assigned to a different game; I knew I wanted to be a SeeD Cadet and I was fully prepared to be background NPC #75 in order to do it (and when I can't be bothered to wear a wig or take off my glasses, I will 100% do that), but then I remembered the Zell Romance Side Quest and I was sold!