Yusuke Kitagawa
Persona 5

Cosplayer: White Tigress

Variant: Fox

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

4th November 2018: Trial wear and improvements Gonna leave this as in-progress until I am satisfied but I really enjoyed wearing this. Sadly when I got as far as I did it was 6am and had a train to catch in a few hours so I just left it there. For my next wear I will need to; add the white applique to the shoulders, redo the wrist cuffs, add the hoops and gold buttons and reshape the sleeves. I am super proud of everything else :)

1st November 2018: Mega crunch Ive been very busy lately so when I finally got around to doing the suit I had to do most of it in a single sitting *sobs* There are things id very much like to improve on but it will do for now

31st October 2018: Harisen recovery I dont have the time or funds for the katana so for a laugh and a change of pace I have a paper fan :'D very lazy prop.

31st October 2018: Gloves Just a quickie from fabric from my stash.

31st October 2018: Wig Nearly done!

30th October 2018: Madness! Today was a mad sewing day and I started on the wig as a change of pace too :) The suit was a challenge as I had never made a full jumpsuit out of PVC before and I had to keep making changes throughout and there was the whole comfort vs flattering argument in my head all day >.> I even had to add a panel between my thighs just so I can sit down and that alone took ages and a lot of panicking. The base is about done but could do with a few tweaks and resewing in some areas to make the seams stronger. A lot went wrong all day but I got back up on my feet with a few coffee breaks and the suit is practically wearable now, but it will need all the white details and the sleeves could do with a tidy up. I'll call it a night before it gets to my head and I stress myself even more :'D

28th October 2018: Mask Tail is all put together too woohoo!!!! Mad sewing day tomorrow >.>

28th October 2018: Worbla and paint time Had a long day at work yesterday so focused mostly on most of the non fabricy aspects of the costume :) remade the tail top as the last one looked sad but very happy with this one, even if its a bit too thick. Bias is hot glued to the tail.

26th October 2018: Pattern cut! All cut up and labelled :)

24th October 2018: Mock up II The mock up is going well :) got a few bits of alterations and taking in to do but I am very happy with how this is going. This fabric has a completely different texture and stretch than my final version so its kinda baggy in some areas and would rather worry about that later on for the peace of mind ^^

23rd October 2018: Mock up I have used some old fabric to make a start on pattern. Its going well and I also ordered some more pvc for the shoulders. A loop ringed zipper arrived today. The mask is covered with worbla and in the process in finding out how to smooth it better.

19th October 2018: Mask 1 I am having a lot of fun with this so far. My fiance let me borrow one of his masks from his collection that was simmilar to a kitsune mask (its more cat shape) so I wrapped it in clingfilm to protect it and made a masking tape base to work from. I used foil to stuff the curves and rolled some into little sausages to extend the ears and nose part and wrapped them with even more tape. When I was happy with the shape I covered it with another layer of cling film before applying paper mache. I havent used this stuff since I was little so I had a lot of fun preparing and working with it. There are 2 layers so far but when it dries im gonna finalise the shape before adding many more layers :)

18th October 2018: Painting complete It took like 20 mins just to get the tape off -.-

17th October 2018: Painting I am having a lot of fun with this! Its a pretty long task but its going a bit faster than I thought. The colour is turning exactly how I wanted! Gonna wait for it to dry before carrying on as there is more fabric than there is space availible lol

17th October 2018: Sash 2 Im still waiting for the paints so I arranged the masking tape onto the sash to make the stripes even. Even after all my complaining with Ladybug I am caught up in the perpetual paint malarkey again x'D

15th October 2018: Welp! I wasnt having much luck with getting some samples and found some fabric near my workplace that would have visually be perfect but would be too thick and warm to wear for my liking so I had bit the bullet and gone for PVC. Its a little thinner and glossier than what I would have liked but I worked with it in the past and had fun with it. I have some fabric in the closet that I plan to use as a mock up. HOPEFULLY Ill have some more in white that could be salvaged as what I brought today took a big dent to my account ^^; The wig arrived the other day and will need styling and the boots are being broken into quite well. Not the comfiest but will do ^^ In between my own work I had to make some shorts for my Partner's Haru. Brought some fabric paint on ebay for the sash. I will be using Jaquard's in Navy blue as that brand worked a treat when I painted the spots on Ladybug and lasted so well ^^

12th October 2018: Sash I had to take a break yesterday to finish cleaning my sewing room and somehow had a hour or so to spare to begin making the sash this afternoon.

I found some thick cotton yesterday and cut them into long rectangles. I sewn them together in pairs and folded them down before finalising them. I may actually make the belt one piece crossed rather than two crossed over. I just had enough time and paint left over to practice a method to paint the stripes.

10th October 2018: Boots Arrived while I was at work today so it was a nice surprise when I arrived home.

They could do with some slight loosening up but ill blast them with a hair dryer to set them in a little. They even came in with a little bag so they will be so easy to pack for cons.

9th October 2018: Wig ordered Lily in Midnight Blue from Coscraft <3 I love their Lily wigs so I am mega excited for it to come!

8th October 2018: Tail I left the top unsealed as I will need to make the gold topper and sash and it would give me easy access if I need to alter the shape.

Faux fur from ebay. Turns out I did indeed have enough stuffing so thats a bonus.

Red tape is baste stitched so I can see how it would look.

8th October 2018: Mission start At the moment I am currently gathering materials and have a few samples for then jumpsuit ordered. I really like the look of pleather but I am gonna see what else is gonna work. Due to the bagginess and seam alignments I am gonna consider making a mock up before diving in. I have a rough blueprint in my head.

For the mask I have been considering either Paper clay or Worbla and EVA foam. Thankfully either way I have the supplies ready in my craft room but gonna look into more tutorials and see from there.

The fur for the tail arrived today and it would be a nice little thing to get be to dive into this project :) Might be running low on stuffing as I used a lot of it for my fiance's Zidane tail last July.

I have some boots that are on the way but to be honest that is the part I am dreading the most XD I just really hate boot shopping and got a size bigger just in case.