Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Disguise

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

3rd July 2007: Lucia returns! I updated this costume for Ame 08 as I wasn't completely happy with it.

This time I got a nicer wig and made the shorts slightly shorter, as well as tweaking the top to be a proper off-shoulder shape with a tighter pink banding. I glued red fabric triangles to the top this time instead of painting them and used black acrylic to paint the black central triangle. The belt buckle got an upgrade to funky foam with studs and painted in silver acrylic.
Most importantly (to those who saw me make it but not take it to Minami) I had the shawl! Yay applique patchwork! Although it was really fiddly to carry, so I left it in my bag half the time XD

3rd March 2004: I love how everything is oversized and bright colours. There is a limited edition of the game that comes with her pendant, but I really wanted to make my own as the official one is very small, so mine is Fimo painted in gold paint.

All the clothes are made with cotton stretch suiting as it's bright and cheap. The wig was a joke shop wig which worked fine as I didn't need to do anything to it and didn't have to wear it for long (not much tangling).

The painting on the top went slightly wrong and I'd love to do it again if I find a chance, but it wasn't too obvious and didn't ruin the costume. I'd also change the way the elastic in the top works to stop the sleeves drooping lower than the front.

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Anonymous - 12th November 2007
Lunar 2 needs so much more cosplay love! I was so happy when I saw you cosplay this ^__^ Your costume was awesome :D

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Anonymous - 16th May 2008
wow Lucia is a great choice *.* kawaiiii nee^^

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Ninodog - 2nd May 2011
more more Lunar cosplay!
This was very memorable!
Was I at 2004 minami?