Speed o' Sound Sonic
One Punch Man

Cosplayer: White Tigress

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2018

25th July 2018: Nearly there! Apart from some very slight paint touch ups and the wig arriving this is about done :3

23rd July 2018: Time is ticking.... The other day I managed finish the scarf. I decided to make it longer than planned so hopefully there will be some wonderfully dramatic photos taken at the con. It wraps around my body a few times and still drags on the floor. If there are any rumors about someone tripping over and breaking there neck at the con that may be me. Despite the thickness of the scarf the neckline on the bodysuit was too low for my liking so I decided to build in the mask into the neckline. The extra fabric is visually pretty similar to the original, but it has more stretch so I was still able to make the bodysuit neck entry. Just needs a clip on the back of my neck to keep the mask snug when it goes up :) Really chuffed I dont need a zipper! Ordered a new wig as I really didnt like the one I got from ebay so I decided to give a Dave wig a try from Coscraft.

Today I mad a start on the amour and got it cut and glued together. I used some half pearls leftover from my Opening card Sora Naegino cosplay for the bolts. For now I am leaving them to glue properly before using tacky glue later to seal it in preparation for spray painting. I brought some black velcro ready to attach the armour.

17th July 2018: It's happening!!!! The scarf fabric arrived yesterday and has already been prewashed but I realised today that despite my huge hoards of thread accumulated other the years I don't have any that is dark enough purple >.> Kinda annoyed as that was the plan today. The suit arrived today and I am quite happy with it considering it was the cheapest and due to be the quickest to arrive. It is a scoop neck with no zipper (thank god!!!! :O) but its loose on the shoulders and the neckline is lower than I wish so some minor alterations are needed. Thankfully these parts will be covered by the scarf and armor anyway so any cock ups should be hidden :D The legs are long so depending now I feel I might make it footed so shoes wont ruin the effects and get in the way of the leg armor :)

13th July 2018: Shopping!!!!! The bodysuit should arrive any day now. Just ordered a wig and some fabric for the scarf. Got 3 meters as I want it long and floaty without seams ^___^ Gonna use some Got2B freeze spray which would hopefully keep the wig's shape.

Gonna pop around town next week to get a hold of some EVA foam, eyeliner, gloves, spraypaint and shoes :) Exciting stuff.

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 14th January 2019
Yesssss murderboi! *fistbump*

White Tigress avatar

White Tigress - 14th January 2019
YAAAASSSSS!!!!! My fiance and I proper jawdropped at Hibana over how perfect your armour was!!!!! *_*