Kindred (Lamb)
League Of Legends

Cosplayer: HatsuneHawke

Variant: Masquerade

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

7th May 2018: Beads.... Beads everywhere I am already regretting my choices of adding so many beads to this, it will be worth it but im finding beads everywhere im dreaming beads, I even founds beads in my dinner.....

29th April 2018: Basic Idea I drew up a plan of a basic idea of what i wanted to do a while ago, this was my first draft with no detail on the drawing (because i suck at that). But you get the idea, I was going for massive Cinderella like ball dress with a masquerade feel like form the phantom of the opera/Mikus Dress from Project Diva, whilst trying to keep the elements of Lamb in the design. Ive also seen some Wedding dresses within the look im going for so im bouncing my ideas from all of those.

29th April 2018: Embelishments. So i am slightly cheating when it comes to the embroidered elements. I have bought some bridal Embelishments. they are huge! and i am glad they're going to work so well. I will be hand sewing on beads to them to give added detail, so far I have the back piece and over 100 embroidered flowers which I will also be adding beads and so forth to.

24th April 2018: Wig Completion After agood solid 6 hours I think i may have come to a final decission to stop on the wig. I've made the wig from 2 wigs, a Pale grey and a white and some kalekon fibre extensions to mak ethe plaits. Using a sharpie and beads i added the detailing, though i may add more over time here and there because i feel it could do with a bit more down the back.