Final Fantasy XV

Cosplayer: Fables

Status: Complete

Condition: Needs repairs

24th May 2018: Shoes It was pointed out to us that for some reason the FFXV squad have red soles to all of their shoes? So I spent a couple of hours colouring in the bottom of my shoes with paint pens. It was quite fun and not exactly hard! Sadly the pens stayed a little tacky and a lot of the paint rubbed off but it should be easy enough to reapply for next time!

24th May 2018: The Eagle Patch Pt. 2 I was going to do these as mini updates as I made progress but that was soooo much effort, instead here's a couple of WIPs as I got the eagle all backstitched up! It took a while to do but by doing 30~60 min a night it didn't actually feel like a long or strenuous task. I like how it came out and I'm really pleased I got to learn a bit more about handstitching in the progress.

11th May 2018: The Eagle Patch Pt. 1 The first update I’m making to my Gladio between now and Amecon is adding the eagle patch to the back of his shirt!
It’s not perfectly to scale because he is literally a square and I am not (quite), but I sketched up as close a copy as I could. I’ll be using embroidery thread to backstitch this design onto some spare pleather, and then sewing it on the shirt when it’s done :D

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Amy-Lou - 24th April 2018
This is fantastic, I totally didn’t recognise you!