Barbara Gordon

Cosplayer: Kitka

Variant: ycbatgirl digital art

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

3rd March 2018: First try... I was still waiting for the shoe dye to arrive but couldn't resist a test run. The cowl is my Balent Catwoman one from Reevzfx and the wig from my Jessica Rabbit.

3rd March 2018: Belt I used the genuine 1960's fish-scale belt from my Julie Newmar catwoman costume, then made a new buckle and pouches using the left-overs from the cape and some small boxes I had lying about..

3rd March 2018: Gloves Extended Marigolds with attached fins, I know this version of BG's costume doesn't have fins but I think it ought to. So mine has :)

3rd March 2018: Logo attached Libidex leo with BG symbol attached and the final version of the cape.

3rd March 2018: Dying boots I used 'Aubergine' Tarrago shoe dye to colour a pair of black ankle boots and it worked better than I expected.

3rd March 2018: Finally got the cape right... ...and the length I intended it to be :)

3rd March 2018: Cape1 Q:I mean, how hard can it be to make a cape?
A:It's a lot harder than you think...