Cosplayer: Koiice

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

27th October 2017: Armour More editing and now we ad Armour! The armour is alittle big but it's to hide the printed armour on the arms. For amecon this will be changing lol

26th October 2017: Headphones We found someone selling cheap headphones so we bought them
How ever I can't help myself...

I edited them to make them better! Easy cosplay isn't my thing lol

I added foam to have them attach to my head like hers. Changed afew details and edited the way they sit on the headband so they slanted as they are on dva. I also added a second headband so they fit my head alot better

26th October 2017: 4 days before the con We bought an eBay suit for the base and decides to edit it better due to time restraints.

Would have been easier to just make the suit ourselves! Typical lol and probably faster but ah well. Working on some 3d armour for her and editing the suit. Having better gloves armour and such will make this suit better bit will make a new suit for amecon for sure!!!!

Neck armour made with leather covered foam!