Ami/Amy Mizuno/Sailor Mercury
Babs Tarr's Bosozoku no Senshi AU

Cosplayer: BillieBlouse

Variant: Sailor Moon!Girl Gang

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

9th October 2017: Jacket Patch Design [Image: From top to bottom - Mercury star wand top surrounded by a broken banner on either side, gold with cyan blue outline with "Inner Senshi" in tattoo style text, also cyan blue. Below that is a circular shaped area surrounded halfway down by bluebell-blue campanulas entwined with a gold laurel wreath which surrounds the rest of this area. The circle is filled by a blue-tone planetary-space surface with a gold Mercury Harp overlaid and, dead centre a gold Mercury Symbol outlined in cyan blue. At the centre bottom of the gold laurel wreath surround is a bluebell-blue rose and below the main patch section are 4 gold stars, 2 on either side, with an unbroken banner which matches the ones at the top of the design, but larger and with "Mercury" written in it.]

9th October 2017: Concept Doodles [Image: A series of annotated black and white pen doodles of costume elements, including early patch concepts with "Fight Like a Magical Girl" and themed motifs, landscape oriented page with "Biker Mercury Concept Doodles" in cyan-sky blue up the right side of the page next to Mercury Ice blues and gold star-shaped colour chips. Bottom right corner is Billie signature logo in blue/red/gold with the anchor design. The page background is white.]

9th October 2017: Make-up Concept [Image:This board has a drawing of Billie's face with blue-coloured hairline and pale face with pink-peach and gold highlighted cheeks and eyes surrounded by a messy blue and gold smokey halo; or somewhere between 90's goth and 70's glam-rock style. There is also a blue swatch card next to it with 3 tones of pale flesh and peach-pink blush swatches with "Make-Up" in black text under it. There are also colour chips shaped like stars in Sailor Mercury's Ice Blue, white and gold colourways and titles in gold text on a baby blue rectangle background which read (from top to bottom) - 'Ami "Mercury" Mizuno, Bosozoku no Senshi, // Sailor Moon Girl Gang'. In the bottom right corner there is a signature which reads 'Billie Blouse' in red/blue/gold with a small anchor and rope logo.]

8th October 2017: Breakdown WIG
1. Acquire Base Wig (Arda Wigs: Magnum, Classic, Midnight Blue)
2. Cut & Style Wig

1. Acquire Base Jacket (Next, but from a Charity Shop)
2. Acquire Dye
3. Acquire Materials for Embellishments & Patches, etc.
4. Acquire Fabric to Line Jacket
5. Pre-Wash Jacket
6. Pre-Wash Lining Fabric
7. Gradient Dye Jacket
8. Tie-Dye Lining Fabric
9. Re-Wash Jacket
10. Re-Wash Lining Fabric
11. Iron Jacket
12. Iron Lining Fabric
13. Remove Sleeves from Jacket
14. Iron Hearts & Stars Transfers to Jacket
15. Design Patches & Optimise for Printing (300dpi, pdf file in this case)
16. Iron Pre-Washed White Fabric to Freezer Paper & Cut to A4 Size
17. Print Patches on Regular Printer
18. Remove Freezer Paper
19. Puff Paint Patches
20. Cut-Out Patches
21. Embroider Patches
22. Sew Patches to Jacket
23. Paint Mercury Bubbles
24. Glue Mercury Bubbles to Buttons
25. Embellish Jacket Further with Hot-Fix Studs, Rhinestones, Beads, Safety-Pins, etc.
26. Pattern Lining Fabric to Fit Jacket
27. Sew Lining Together
28. Attach Lining to Jacket
29. Make Zipper Charm & Attach

1. Acquire T-shirt (Second-Hand Gap Tee from Ebay)
2. Pre-Wash & Prep T-shirt
3. Iron T-shirt
4. Remove Labels & Unravelled Sleeve Stitching
5. Re-Roll & Stitch Sleeves
6. Cut Down Neckline & Re-Hem
7. Iron-On Transfer “Pasties”

1. Acquire Pleather/Leatherette Trousers (Vintage, Ebay)
2. Acquire Lining Fabric
3. Acquire Embellishments
4. Cut Down Legs & Re-Hem
5. Alter Waistline to Fit
6. Pattern Lining to Fit Shorts
7. Sew Lining Together
8. Attach Lining to Shorts
9. Embellish Shorts

1. Acquire Suitable Boots
2. Acquire Necessary Materials for “Boot Cuffs”
3. Make Boot Cuffs
4. Embellish Boot Cuffs

1. Acquire Appropriate Bra (One I already own/OR/look at BAM sale)
2. Acquire Suitable Socks
3. Whatever Knickers Are Fine

1. Design Make-up Look
2. Acquire Appropriate Make-up
3. Practice Applying Make-up


1. Decide on which Earrings to wear
a. Ami Mizuno (Classic) – Buy
b. Sailor Mercury – Commission (Jodie Pope Jewellery or Alchemia Jewellery)
c. Ami Mizuno (Crystal Promo Art) – Make/Laser-Cut Commission (Cherry Loco Jewellery or Sorenzo Props or Similar)

1. Acquire Blue Glasses (Glasses Direct [N.B. Not specifically for this cosplay, I just really want a blue pair of specs])
2. Acquire Materials to Make Glasses Chain
3. Make Glasses Chain

1. Acquire Appropriate Materials
2. String Beads
3. Make Shoulder Embellishment/Pauldron/Armour

1. Acquire Materials
2. Pre-Wash Fabric
3. Iron Fabric
4. Make Bandanna

1. Acquire Appropriate Materials
2. Make Pendant

1. Acquire Base Gloves
2. Acquire Embellishments & Other Materials
3. Embellish Gloves

1. Acquire Appropriate Materials
2. String Beads
3. Make Waist Chains/Belt

1. Acquire Bag (my old Pull & Bear Bag)
2. Acquire Appropriate Materials to Embellish Bag
3. Acquire Gashapon to Make Zipper Pull
4. Make Zipper Pull
5. String Beads
6. Alter Existing Straps & Make New Straps
7. Embellish Bag

1. Raid Own Collection for Appropriate Badges & Pins
2. Buy Supplementary Badges & Pins
3. Make “Cosplay Is Not Consent” & Other Badges
a. Design
b. Get Printed/OR/Get Badge-Making Kit/OR/Cannibalise Old Badges & Embellish


1. Acquire Pre-made Visor (Originally from unknown source on Etsy)
2. Acquire Materials for Phone Cover & Earpiece/Mic
3. Acquire Materials for 3DS Cover
4. Alter 3DS Cover
5. Make Phone Cover
6. Make Earpiece/Mic

1. Acquire Gashapon
2. Acquire Joke/Toy Knife
3. Acquire Other Necessary Materials
4. Make Transformation Wand Knife

1. Acquire Gashapon

8th October 2017: To Do List 1. Gather references
2. Make inspiration and mood boards
3. Design costume (based on Bab's Tarr's AU, but not an exact copy)
4. Breakdown cosplay

// Muggle Notes (M.N.) // See: Breakdown for full To Do List as I actually started this in a word doc and have completed some of it.

8th October 2017: Motivation Originally for Asylumstar's Sailor Moon!Girl Gang group at Raicon Spring 2017. I am also a big fan of Babs Tarr's work, this was just the excuse to make this cosplay. I didn't get it 100% finished in time, but wore it anyway and had a great time, so I am motivated to finish it completely when I have the time around other plans.