Dirty Bomb

Cosplayer: Origin

Variant: Default Skin

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

23rd February 2018: Stealth Suit! Yes. It's still very daunting and tricky. BUT I WILL FIGURE IT OUT. :D

4th June 2017: Not actually that much to go! Quite a lot of progress from the last entry. The kneepads, pauldrons and the mask are all done, I've started modifying the boots and the sword's waiting on more Worbla so it'll actually be rigid enough to hold its shape.

After all that, though, comes the tricky part. The stealth suit that I've deliberately been leaving until last!

30th March 2017: Mostly Still Bits of Foam... ...but I suppose I've officially started work on this cosplay now.

Right now, with the gray undersuit basically being accomplished through a set of plain overalls (way easier AND they'd look hard-wearing enough to be military issue), the plan is for Phantom's refractive armour (aka: "stealth suit") to be mostly made from fabric-covered EVA foam and I'd just pull it on over the top. No doubt it'd have to be done in detachable parts so it could actually be stored/transported.

Oh, well. Stuff to think about!