Wicked the Musical

Cosplayer: The_Deadly_Unicorn

Variant: Bubble Dress

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

12th November 2016: Wig Glindas wig is well underway. I've just come home after my first year at university so i'll have a little bit of time to get the bubble/petals out until i go back in January!

10th November 2016: Bubbles I've finished sewing the organza and the satin together and have finally started to add the sequins. So far im about 8 hours down and have finished 1 and a half/ 29. RIP me

2nd November 2016: Petticoat and Hoopskirts- Done!! Finally finished the petticoats for the skirt!! Now to add in the Zip into the bodice!
Picture of my silly Dorm mates from University

1st November 2016: Petticoat and Hoopskirts I've pretty much finished the hoopskirt and just need to do a few minor touches on the petticoats untill its finished. I think i went a bit overboard on the amount of fabric i bought to do the main petticoats but i am heading back to my local sewing shop to get more tomorrow!

26th October 2016: Petticoat, Hoops and Bodice I've patterned my own bodice by wraping my dress form in glad wrap and celotape, and then marking out the lines which i want my seams to be. Tracing this out onto paper i add in my seam allowances and bite the bat and just cut it out on my normal fabric. Now this silly bugger here thought organza would just zigzag as a away to halt the fabric from fraying. lol no. Its a trap, fray check the bugger because you'll have everything sewed up nicely with boning and everything and then it'll just pop out of the seam and then you cant unpick it because it starts to ruin your fabric. Mild anger. My problem solving was adding fray check down the visible seams hoping that it wouldn't be able to be seen. Kinda worked.
After getting the bodice sewn and the sleeves sewn i started adding the sequins and beads. Im literally crying thinking about all of that work. The bodice i was able to wack out over a few hours and then the sleeves probably took over 6 hours to completion (i've only done half). I've used 6 different types of sequins and beads so i like the variation in it.

Petticoats are my next project. I've got 10 meters of tulle so we'll see how that goes, i've started to sew and next up is gathering. Hoop skirt was made pretty quickly with only hand sewing because i left my sewing machine at my parents house, stupid mistake

24th October 2016: Crown Started working on Glinda's Crown. I made the base out of worbla and then covered it in over 400 rinestons. I've ran out of them too, which is why its not all covered!!

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rosieroo - 24th October 2016
This is gunna be beautiful