Joshua Kiryu
The World Ends With You

Cosplayer: Roze-Chan

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 6th June 2009
Yaaays. 8D I owe you a massive one for doing this! *Huuuug.*


I mean...Whatever....Prissy kid...>_>;;

Roze-Chan avatar

Roze-Chan - 6th June 2009
I see you're doing well getting into Neku's mindset. ^-^

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 6th July 2009
Ooo loving the progress! That shirt colour looks perfect! ^_^

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 6th July 2009
Wow this looks great!!! A great cosplay!

Roze-Chan avatar

Roze-Chan - 7th July 2009
Yay, thank you! ^-^ That shirt took me ages to find, Aimee was getting annoyed with me being so picky. X3

Paprika avatar

Paprika - 7th July 2009
not to mention I bought it for you too... It's a good job you're my wife dave ^_^

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 18th August 2009
Smexy Josh is smexy. 8D

But seriously you looked perfect! ^_^

Roze-Chan avatar

Roze-Chan - 18th August 2009
Thank you love. ^-^ You made a rather smexy Neku yourself. X3